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Solo Traveller Holidays

Travelling alone isn’t something you should be scared of doing. In fact, more of us than ever before are opting to fly solo. If you’re not ready to go all the way, solo travel tours are a popular option. This essentially means travelling with strangers who also aren’t with any friends and family. So although not entirely alone, it’s the closest thing, and a great stepping stone between what you know and the completely unknown. The most important part is choosing your perfect destination, and when the word is your oyster, where do you go?

Your adventure can take you anywhere, but there are some places that are seemingly designed for solo traveller holidays. On this page, we look at the best options for your next individual trip.

Cruises For Solo Travellers


Cruises are a perfect for those going it alone. Not only can you travel and sleep in a safe environment, but you can see multiple places in one trip, with minimal effort.

There are even specific cruises that are organised especially for single travellers. They have less emphasis on couples or family activities, and focus more on socialising. It’s a great way to meet new people and explore more of the world without needing to worry about getting around.

Benefits of Going on Holiday Alone


You might think that travelling alone is a thing of nightmares, or at best, a last resort. This simply isn’t true, and actually, many people actually opt to go it alone despite having plenty of potential traveller partners. There are many reasons for doing so.

Travelling solo is not only liberating but great for self-confidence and independence. If you can visit a new country by yourself, you can basically do anything. You will feel ready to take on the world after your first solo trip, and you might just catch the travel bug.

Best Places for Solo Traveller Holidays


Whether you fancy a piece of paradise where you can relax on a beach or a busy city break, there are plenty of great options. Some places, like Thailand, provide the best of both worlds. Because of this, it remains the number one destination for solo travellers all over the world. Other popular choices include Malaysia, Germany and New Zealand.

Essentially, anywhere is perfect for solo traveller holidays. You can go where you want, when you want, and should never feel held back by the fact that you’re doing it alone. A couples holidays or trip with friends is great, but you haven’t experienced true travelling unless you take the plunge and go solo.

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