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Emma's Travel Tales:
A Travel Blog

Welcome to Emma’s Travel Tales, a travel blog packed with helpful information for adventure enthusiasts. Here, I share my own personal travel experiences and make recommendations based on what I’ve seen and done. There is a section dedicated to tips for couples, as well as individual travel ideas. Don’t forget to check out the regularly updated blog too.

I have a particular passion for solo traveller holidays. There’s nothing I love more than jetting off somewhere new, just me, myself and my Kindle. I want to encourage more people to consider solo travel, so if you’re unsure about it, read my guides dedicated to travelling the world alone.

On Emma’s Travel Tales, there is great information about where to go, what you need to see, and how to bag a real travel bargain. Take a look around for new and exciting ideas, including:

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Romantic Travel Ideas


Travel ideas for couples are available on almost every travel blog, but they will often be the same. My romantic trip suggestions are purposely different, with some fantastic spots that you may not even know about. So before your next anniversary or celebration, be sure to check that page out.

The main purpose of this travel blog is to be 100% honest and genuine. I’m a real traveller with a real passion for getting the most out of every experience. I don’t just talk about what you should try, but also what you should avoid, based on experience.

travel blog with a twist

A Travel Blog With a Twist

What’s unique about this site is that I only cover travel destinations that I’ve actually visited. Every page, post and blog is based on my own personal experiences. I share the knowledge I have gained over many years of travelling. I have done the luxurious stays and the no-frills backpacking. My guides and blogs aren’t just perfect for the seasoned travellers, but also those considering it for the first time. Whether you’re just thinking about it, or have your tickets booked already, you will find helpful advice.

Cheap Travel Tips

It’s not just about where to go and what to do when you get there. This travel blog is also here to help you find the best prices, with great tips on saving money. Booking at the right time or with the right place can result in substantial savings. Browsing hundreds of sites in search for a bargain is time consuming, but with Emma’s Travel Tales, I tell you exactly where to find the best deals. You’ll save plenty of time and money, having the best trip at the most affordable prices out there.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where Can I Find Solo Travel Tips?

We have a dedicated page for solo travel tips, including how to enjoy your adventures safely. You will find everything you need to know in that section of the site.

Is This a Female Travel Blog?

This travel blog is written by a female, but that doesn’t mean that the content is only for females. Each of my tips are suitable for all genders and ages.

Have You Tried Your Travel Tips for Couples?

Yes! Every single thing I post on my site, for couples or otherwise, is based on something I have done. I would not recommend it otherwise. So when I say a place is perfect for couples, I mean it!