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Singles Cruises

Cruise Ship

Taking family vacations has always been a holiday that people look forward to but singles cruises have plenty of vacation options, too. Singles’ cruises are one of the vacation options that you can take by yourself if you aren’t too comfortable with sleeping in a hostel or using public transport in a foreign country. A singles cruise caters more to the socialising of the individuals on the boat and allows for various activities that help you meet different people while travelling alone.

10 Things You Need to Know About Singles’ Cruises

Although there are different travel agencies and cruise ship liners offering cruises for single people, no two are the same. Each cruise is a unique experience that includes its own style of packages. Sometimes, depending on the agency that has arranged the singles cruise, they may host a pre-cruise event to help the solo travellers get to know each other before setting out to sea. To bring down the vacation price you can also choose if they have the option to share a room with another person. Cruise ships can also host special singles’ events such as cocktail mixers, game nights, theme parties, and even speed meets.

Keep in mind that the cruise ship can still include regular amenities that come with the fare rate in addition to the events that are hosted specifically for the single people on the ship. However, there is a separation in the dining area and a separate space for the singles’ to socialise away from the other passengers on the ship. Despite the fact that you booked a singles’ trip you can still enjoy the same activities as the other passenger.

Activities Available On Singles’ Cruises

Singles cruises offer a variety of activities that you can do as a solo traveller, including an ice skating rink, a rock-climbing wall, a roller-skating track, and even a large shopping area. Other events on board can include stand-up comedies and events that allow for socialising while cruising by yourself. Depending on the number of singles’ on the cruise, travel agencies might opt to put all the single people in one block of rooms.