The adorable resort town of Antibes was one of my favourite places on my trip to the south of France. It’s located between Cannes and Nice and has a gorgeous location on the Cote d’Azur. Occupation here dates back to the Iron Age and it has been a Greek colony, a Roman settlement and more.

Today, it is an ideal place to visit on the French Riviera. It has shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, pretty streets and a wonderful beach. Basically it has everything you could possibly need for a day trip, or short visit.

1. Walk the ancient ramparts

Antibes has some incredibly well-preserved 16th-century ramparts that are well worth exploring. The ramparts once fully encircled Antibes, protecting it from any potential attacks.

Stroll along the ancient ramparts and admire the stunning views out to sea and towards the beach. The views alone totally make it worth it…
things to do in antibes

2. Browse the market 

Every day in Antibes there is a Provencal market, selling produce from within the Provence region. You’ll find a mountain of fresh food at this market, including fruit, vegetables, cheeses, fish, spices, deli items and much more. It’s fabulous to walk through and see all of the great produce from the region and, of course, if you’re staying in accommodation with a kitchen you can buy fresh food to cook with!

The market is in the covered area on Massena street every day from 6am until 1pm.

3. Explore the streets

The streets of Antibes are nothing short of adorable. There are quite side streets and narrow streets lined with cute shops that open up onto large squares lined with cafes and restaurants. 

My best piece of advice would be to put down your map (or, you know, close the Google Maps app on your phone) and just wander. Allow yourself just to stroll down the streets that entice you, without paying too much attention to where you’re headed. Antibes is pretty small, so there’s very little chance of getting lost! 

things to do in antibes

4. Go to the beach

Plage du Ponteil is the best beach in Antibes to visit and is the perfect spot to relax, soak up the sun and swim in the sea. There are good facilities at this beach, with showers and toilets and it’s close proximity to the town makes it easily reachable on foot.

5. Relax…

…Antibes is a resort town after all! The scenery is incredibe, the streets are pretty, the food is good, the wine is chilled and the atmosphere is laid back and chilled out. Switch off, relax and enjoy getting away from it all in beautiful Antibes.
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Have you been to Antibes? Would you like to visit?