As I flopped down into the impossibly comfortable bed I found myself smiling. I was still smiling contentedly a few moments later when I started rubbing my night cream into my face, soothing it after the blustery sea air had battered on the beach a few hours earlier.

I felt happy, content and comfortable.

It was the end of another day at Archerfield, a golf and leisure estate just outside of North Berwick on Scotland’s east coast. As a family, we have a membership there and a group of 6 or 8 of us visit several times throughout the year. It’s usually me, Thomas, my parents, my brother Iain and his fiancee Michelle, plus my favourite travel companion – my dog Ben. We’re joined on some trips by family friends too.
regular weekend getaway, archerfield lodges
regular weekend getaway, archerfield estate

This year we’ve visited four times so far, with another visit planned for the beginning of November.

We’ve been going to Archerfield several times a year for the last 8 years or so and we all still adore it. We all agree that our weekends there are some of our favourites of the year.

Because we go there regularly, it feels like a home away from home. When I drive into the entrance to the estate, catching a glimpse of the sea in the distance, I find myself letting out a sigh. A sigh of relief, contentedness and happiness.

It feels so comfortable, so familiar and so peaceful.

We have a little bit of a routine when we’re there. We always like to start our trip off with a walk on gorgeous Yellowcraigs Beach with Ben. He loves to stretch his legs after the car journey and we all love the impossibly spoiled and usually wonderfully empty beach.
regular weekend getaway, yellowcraigs beach

Other elements of our little routine include the guys playing golf while the girls go shopping, lunching or relaxing in the spa. My brother whips up a storm in the open-plan kitchen while we all chat, laugh and drink. We go to at least one restaurant for dinner while we’re there and we’re slowly eating our way around all the restaurants within a few miles of Archerfield.
regular weekend getaway, archerfield estate

This post definitely isn’t meant to come across as smug or boasting or faux-hashtag-blessed. I just wanted to express how grateful I am to have somewhere we can return to as a family again and again. I know that I am unbelievably fortunate to have a place as beautiful as Archerfield to visit several times a year and even more fortunate to have an amazing family to spend that time with.

One of the very best parts about it is getting to go with my family – my favourite people in the world. Being at Archerfield for long weekends is the perfect way to spend time together. We can properly catch up and spend time together without the distractions of everyday life at home. Although Archerfield is less than 80 miles from home, it feels a million miles away from real life. There aren’t any errands to run, cleaning to do or things to scratch off a to-do list like every other day. The focus is on good times, having fun, relaxing and being together.

So, I’m thankful that we have Archerfield as a weekend escape and looking forward to all of our future visits. Hopefully for many more years to come.

Do you have a regular weekend getaway spot?