I love walking, it’s something I really enjoy and I walk a reasonable amount at home with my dog. We love getting out in the fresh air, away from my MacBook and work and just strolling along. I find it always clears my mind and makes me feel more relaxed and it always manages to tire out little Ben too!

I also love walking whenever I’m in a new place and I think it’s definitely the best way to explore. You just can’t beat walking around a new place, taking in the atmosphere and getting a real feel for it.

You see more

You always see more when you walk around places, as you’re constantly looking around noticing new things.

You’ll spot that piece of colourful street art, catch a glimpse of a cute cafe in a little courtyard, see the sign for the live music in a cool bar, notice the restaurant with the delicious looking seafood and everything else that you’d miss if you were whizzing through the place in a taxi, on the underground or whatever other type of transport.

You get your bearings

There’s no better way to get your bearings in a new place than taking a map (or Google Maps on your phone!) and heading out for a walk to get to know what’s nearby. You pay more attention to landmarks, street names and things that you’ll recognise later when you’re wandering around on foot than if you’re just jumping in the first cab you can find.

It’s cheaper 

Obviously. Walking is gloriously free and if you’re travelling on a budget walking everywhere instead of forking out for taxis, trains, the underground, trams or whatever the transport system is where you are.

It’s healthier 

This is another obvious one but getting out there and walking is so much better for you than jumping on and off public transport.

I always travel with shoes I know I can put some miles in wearing and my body and mind always thanks me for it.

What do you think is the best way to explore a new place? Do you agree with me?