I’ve written before about Portugal being one of my favourite countries. Italy is undoubtedly another. Italy is a destination I have a lot of love for and have so many fantastic memories of. It’s a place I never tire of returning to and I still have plenty Italian destinations on my must-visit list.

I can’t actually recall how many times I’ve visited Italy. It must be upwards of 30! I know that’s a lot and, believe me, I feel lucky to have visited so many times. I’ve been many times with family, with Thomas and for this blog.

I’ve been to cities, I’ve explored countryside, I’ve relaxed in beach towns. I’ve stayed in stunning luxury hotels, visited as part of cruise holidays and even had the opportunity to rent a home in Italy.

It’s safe to say I’ve enjoyed a variety of different experiences in Italy, including renting a boat and sailing around Capri, enjoying a gondola ride in Venice, partying the night away at La Notte Rosa in Emilia Romagna, watched the sunrise with my toes in the sand and much, much more. I have so many great memories of Italy and can’t wait to create many more over the course of my life.

So much variety 

why i love italy

Italy has so much variety packed into the just over 300 thousand square kilometers it occupies. Within Italy there are dozens of mountains, several major cities and countless smaller ones, 7,600 kilometres of coastline, more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and so much more.

I love the sheer variety of it all. The fact that you can experience so many different things whilst on a visit there is seriously enticing. Especially for someone like me who loves a bit of variety.

The food 

why i love italy
Anyone who visits Italy and doesn’t think Italian food is amazing has clearly lost their mind. Eating fresh pasta, sharing a pizza, munching on a piadina, I love it all! Especially washing it all down with a glass (or five!) of delicious Italian wine.

One of my favourite memories of a trip with my family to Italy last year was the amazing food tour we went on. It was so interesting to learn more about Italian food traditions, why they cook using certain ingredients and what to look for on a food menu.

The history

why i love italy
Italy’s history dates back around 850,000 years ago and that fact alone blows my mind. There is evidence of human inhabitation in the country dating back more than 43,000 years ago.

I love being able to see architecture that dates back hundreds of years everywhere in Italy. I love walking around Rome and being able to imagine how it looked during the height of the Roman Empire thanks to several well preserved buildings and ruins.

Hearing stories of Italy, and especially Rome, hundreds of years ago when Rome was one of the most important cities in the world absolutely fascinates me. I can never get enough of learning about the history of the places I visit in Italy, mostly because it’s just so interesting.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

why i love italy

I’ve just looked through the full list of 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy and counted that I’ve visited 11 of them. For someone who’s been to Italy more than 30 times, that still leaves a lot of sites for me to return to see!

My favourite Italian UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely Pompeii. Pompeii was an ancient Roman town that was buried under volcanic ash when nearby Mount Vesuvius errupted in 79AD. Seeing the ruins of this once thriving town and learning about how the people there lived is utterly fascinating to me and I’ve visited three times for that reason. If you’re nearby to Pompeii on a visit to Italy you should definitely make the time to see it for yourself.

The cities 

why i love italy
Rome, Florence and Venice are some of my favourite cities I’ve visited across the globe. I adore the architecture of each city, love the buzz and atmosphere of them and each time I return to these cities I find more to discover. They are places I feel I will never tire of and could return countless times without becoming bored or blase about them.

There are plenty more Italian cities on my list of places I want to visit too. I really want to return to Bologna, a city I only had a few hours to explore on my last visit and I want to discover Genoa and Milan for the first time too.

The Italian language and pace of life 

why i love italy

There’s something so wonderful about the Italian language. It’s wonderful to listen to and it always sounds so passionate and exciting. I know some basic Italian but would love the opportunity to learn more. What better way to do that than actually in Italy surrounded by the language?!

I also absolutely adore the Italian way of life. I love that they linger for hours over meals, chatting, drinking wine and laughing. The evening passeggiata (where people go out for a wander with their family in the evening) is such a wonderful tradition and I just adore how sloooow everything happens. When you’re visiting Italy for a holiday or short break the slow pace of life is so refreshing. I don’t think I could live with it all the time, but it’s so nice to slow down and relax on a holiday.

Natural beauty 

why i love italy
Italy is a country that is so naturally beautiful, another of the things I love about it. There are stunning beaches, goregous stretches of coastline (I’m talking about you, Amalfi Coast!), beautiful islands, lush green countryside, rolling hills and dramatic mountains. It really does have it all!

So, these are just some of the reasons why I love Italy. Do you feel the same?