I absolutely adore flying and everything about it. Few things make me happier than knowing I’m getting on a plane to a new place. I love the feeling of travel, of movement, and everything else that goes with it.

I love getting to the airport, navigating through screaming children and an endless queue of people at security who leave it to the last possible moment to remove their belts, pick out their loose change, phone, keys and other paraphernalia out of their pockets then remember they need to remove their iPads and laptops from their carry on.

I love going through the scanner and inevitably bleeping because of the silver bangle I wear constantly that doesn’t come off my wrist without a fight. I love checking my gate, rechecking my gate, checking the time, and checking my gate again through some sort of irrational fear that I’ll not notice the gate has changed and miss my flight, or lose track of time despite the fact I’m checking every few minutes. Stupid, I know.

I love handing over my boarding pass and smiling as the crew squint at the 16 year old version of me that appears on my passport photo. Walking towards the plane I check and recheck my seat number again as if it might magically have changed. I always worry I’ll get comfortable in someone else’s seat and then have to move. Another irrational fear, I guess.

I locate my seat, usually at the window if I have the choice, and jump in out of the aisle so other passengers can move past. I pull out my phone, iPad and Kindle and settle in to my seat. I look around me at the stressed faces of mothers trying to guide their children to their seats, grumpy men who look like they’d rather be just about anywhere else in the world than setting foot on this plane and all sorts of other faces that pass me by looking for their seats for the journey. I always wonder why everyone is so stressed by it all. Unless you have an actual fear of flying there’s really nothing wrong with getting on an aeroplane and travelling to your destination.


Loving my business class experience, complete with champagne

Sure, they’re usually cramped and the food doesn’t taste that great, but is that really any reason to get completely worked up and uptight about flying?

I always believe every experience is what you make it, so if you get on the plane dreading spending a few hours with hundreds of strangers in a tin can then you’re probably going to have a rubbish time no matter what.

I love being able to completely disconnect when I’m flying. Being a professional travel blogger, writer and social media specialist means I’m constantly online and my phone, laptop and iPad are never far from my grasp. Flying forces me to not worry about checking my clients twitter accounts, monitoring my Facebook page or checking up on my latest blog post. I can’t check them so I don’t think about it and I’m forced to pull out my Kindle and read instead. I adore reading but barely ever do it without any interruptions at all. My phone will always be next to me, ready if I need to answer an email or a call from a client, advertiser or reader. Flying is the perfect mini digital detox and I love it for that.

I always find myself spending a large portion of a flight staring out of the window lost in my own thoughts too. How often do we have time to just sit and think without being distracted by our phones, the housework we should be doing, those emails that need dealt with or the million other tasks waiting for us. I always do my best thinking when I’m uninterrupted on a plane and most of the time I step off the plane feeling so much better for it.


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I love when the captain comes over the intercom to announce the plane will be starting it’s descent soon and I start eagerly craning my neck at all angles to see what’s below me. When flying into a new destination it’s all about looking down at what’s waiting for you there – the buildings, the landscape, the cars, the tiny dots that are people going about their daily lives. When flying home it’s all about trying to spot places that you know and extra bonus points if you spot your own house.

I love stepping of the plane at the other end, excited for the adventure beginning.

I love going through those automated doors after customs and stepping into the bright lights of the airport. I love looking at all the waiting faces peering to see who’s coming. The excited ones who are waiting to be reunited with loved ones and the straight business like faces of the men who hold up boards with bearing surnames of people who  have booked anything from a mini bus transfer to a limousine (love it when my name is on one of those!).

I’ve had some bad experiences with flying like getting stranded in an airport for 2 days due to our airline going bust and landing through gale force winds thinking the plane was going to fall out of the sky and plummet to the ground but it has never put me off. I don’t think my love for flying will ever leave me and I’m grateful for that. At least it ensures I’ll never end up like the grumpy old man getting on the place with a face like thunder. Smiles only, please.

Do you enjoy flying or do you just bare it to get to where you want to go? Let me know in the comments below!