As much as I love to travel it’s always nice to return home at the end of a trip. Whether I’ve been away from home for weeks, or just a few days it’s always nice to be back (even if it usually means coming home to dreary Scottish weather!).

It’s nice to come home to my house that I absolutely adore and my dog Ben who I miss like mad when I’m away. I always feel so happy when I come home. I think it’s because I really do enjoy the life I live at home.

It’s definitely a positive that I enjoy my life at home, my everyday life. It wouldn’t be much fun to be constantly counting down the days to my next trip and essentially wishing my life away. Of course, there are days when I am counting down the days to my next trip, but I’m generally content at home.


I like having a little routine when I’m at home. Sure, it’s not as routine as most people’s as I work for myself, make my own hours and am constantly working on different projects, but it works for me. I have structure, without being set into a strict routine since my workload varies daily.

My home life is so much more ordered than when I’m travelling and, as a person who enjoys order, this makes me happy. I try not to work much when I’m travelling, apart from answering important emails and posting on social media, so when I come home I’ve always got lots to catch up on.

A clean and welcoming home

One thing that definitely helps with the joy of returning home is that I make sure my house is spotlessly clean before I leave. This means it’s gloriously tidy upon my return and it’s so much easier to come home to a clean house than a messy one!

I also always try to change my bed sheets the day before I leave so that I’ve got a crisp, clean bed waiting for me to sink into. There are few better feelings than climbing into your own bed after a few days or weeks away from it!

Spending time alone 

As much as I love being with people when I’m travelling (usually Thomas, my family and/or friends), I also really like spending time on my own. I’m quite happy chilling out in my own company and I enjoy the moments I get to spend alone at home. Even if it’s as simple as lazing in a hot bath with a face mask on, my candles lit and reading a good book. Bliss!

I’m definitely an introvert, so sometimes travelling with other people can be a bit much for me. I’m happy when I’m doing it but when I get home I just want some peace and quiet and time to myself.

Doing the things I enjoy

There are lots of things I enjoy in everyday life. I love catching up with my friends and family over meals and drinks. My three (or four!) walks with my dog each day are so relaxing and so much a part of my routine. Except when it’s raining – Ben refuses to go for his walkies in the rain!

I love pottering around in my garden looking after all my plants and herbs. I love walking to our local pub for a few drinks at the weekend with Thomas or with friends. Recently we’ve started going to ice hockey matches to see our local team, Glasgow Clan too! Chilling on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon watching football, devouring a book or visiting my mum to catch up with her. Hosting dinner parties, going to our favourite monthly tapas night and trying out all the best eateries and bars in Glasgow. These things all make up my life at home and it’s a life I’m very happy with.

Sure, travel and adventure is great, but isn’t it just as good to have a life at home that you love and don’t need to escape from? 

Do you love coming home after travel too? Or are you not as happy to return to everyday life?