Why I Live This Travel Life

Why, when some people are perfectly content to travel two weeks of the year and sun themselves on a sandy beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand, do I persist in travelling as much as I possibly can? It’s a question I think a lot of people who know me have asked either me, or themselves at some stage. Last month for example, I travelled to six different countries within just 28 days and although I was exhausted by the end of it, it was so much fun.

Some people would probably surmise that people who travel as much as I do use it as a form of escapism, to distance ourselves from bad things in our lives. Well, the truth is, I don’t really have anything to escape from. I have a wonderful home in Scotland surrounded by great family and friends (and the best dog in the world!), beautiful, natural countryside over my garden fence and I’m just a short drive from the exciting city that is Glasgow. I don’t really need to escape from anything here.
Why I Travel I guess what I’m really escaping is the monotony of everyday life. I’m the type of girl who gets bored easily and feels unnaturally suppressed by rules, routines and too much order. I like the feeling of doing something different each day. I like to see new things, talk to interesting people and learn about cultures and history that are different to my own. I love exposing my myself to situations that are different to what I’m used to.

Travel is rewarding too. The act of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into new places and new situations is always exhilarating and exciting. Through doing this travel has undeniably made me far more confident. When you travel somewhere new you have to rely on yourself, put yourself into new situations and it really forces you to see what you’re made of. Through travel I’ve realised that I’m tougher than I ever thought, and I think everyone should travel solo at some stage to raise their confidence and develop skills you probably didn’t even know you possessed.

Why I Live This Travel Life
Sure, travel can be a pain sometimes – waiting in seemingly endless queues in airports, putting all your liquids into little clear plastic bags (please, can’t we be done with this soon?!), and unpacking just to repack again a few days or weeks later. But for me the annoyances of travel are far outweighed by the visceral thrill of being someplace entirely new.

There’s nothing like stepping out of an airport/train station/off a boat (delete as necessary) and into a new city, town or village that’s completely different and exciting. The feeling of walking around a new place, getting a little lost and stopping to notice the architecture, that fountain in the park, the birds in the trees or simply the local people going about their daily business is one I crave. Whetting my palate with some local delicacies and washing it down with some local wine from a new place is always an experience I love.
To Travel is to Live
For these reasons, and countless others, I think travel will always be a massive part of my life. I can’t see myself ever morhping into the type of person who is happy to travel for just a few weeks a year during holiday time from their job, and I’m okay with that. Someone once said ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer‘, and I can’t help but agree.

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  1. Katie

    I love this! I remember going to Seattle for a conference with a friend. She was completely stressed about being in a new location where she didn’t know anything, but I was exhilarated by it. (There really is nothing better than finding yourself in a new city with so much to explore.) But it was a good reminder to me that not everyone feels the same. :)

    • Emma Gray

      That’s true. Travel doesn’t appeal to everyone. Good to be reminded of that sometimes :)

  2. Brittany @ Paws for Beer

    I can’t agree with you more. Some people live to work… I work to travel. I am fortunate to have 7 weeks of vacation a year, a rarity in the USA and I jam pack those 7 weeks with as much travel as I can!

    • Emma Gray

      Wow 7 weeks of travel is great! Glad to hear you fill them all with travel :)

  3. OCDemon

    I’ve always thought “you’re running from your fears” is a dumb comment. What if you’re getting chased down by a bear? Are you really gonna “face your fears?”

    Besides, most travelers are less fearful than sedentary types. Usually they’re afraid to travel. Shouldn’t they face THEIR fears?

  4. Quinn T. Wilkerson

    I think it speaks volumes that you can travel the world for less money than you spend each month to fill up your gas tank. Travel or gas – I know which I’d pick!

    • Emma Gray

      I’m totally with you on that one, Quinn!

  5. Jessi

    Wow great post – this definitely rings true for me! I love that “new place” feeling, and I agree that travel has made me more confident in my life than anything else.

    • Emma Gray

      Glad you feel the same way, Jessi! Travel is so good at providing you with new life experiences. Can’t beat it!

  6. Marian

    You are absolutely 100% correct! It is to escape everyday life. I feel more alive when I travel than I do at home. When I’m home, I dream of traveling. I feel like I can breathe better, see better, feel better when I’m on the road. I only wish I had done this earlier!

    • Emma Gray

      I’m so glad you feel the same way, Marian. Travel is the best solution for most things!

  7. nomadicpanda

    I couldn’t agree more!! I travel to escape the monotony of everyday life. I’m not as privileged as you to go at it 28 days in a row!! In the near future I will be able to break free from my routine again. Great words ♥.

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