For the most part, I absolutely adore being self-employed. I love making my own hours, working when I want to, only doing projects that interest me and just generally being in charge of my own life. It’s freeing, it’s exciting and it’s totally rewarding. But, freelancing is lonely and that’s one of the major downsides.

I write this blog and alongside it I am a social media specialist and writer (you can find my freelance website here if you’re interested in learning more). I know that I’m incredibly lucky to have found something I enjoy doing so much. I have the freedom to work on projects I enjoy and turn down those that I don’t and that’s pretty special.

I genuinely can’t imagine having to go into an office 5 days a week. I’ve never worked an office job other than a couple of weeks helping out in an office during summer holidays from school and university, which I guess doesn’t really count. The thought of trudging into an office every day makes me realise just how good being self-employed and working from my home office really is. I’m something of an introvert, so being surrounded by people in a workplace really wouldn’t appeal to me.

There are definitely downsides to working for yourself though. A few that pop into my head immediately are not having any help, being responsible for absolutely everything and having busy periods and then quieter periods. This can mean money fluctuates and when you’ve got bills to pay that can really suck.

And one of the major things I have noticed is that freelancing can be lonely. I work from my (rather gorgeous!) home office and whilst I mostly enjoy being by myself, sometimes it can be difficult.

Thomas and I live together and when he travels for work (as I write this he’s been gone for more than a month) I’m alone. Without an office to go to it can mean I spend the majority of my day with just the company of my dog. Although I think he’s pretty fantastic company, it can be a bit strange having so little human contact.

freelancing is lonely

Who wouldn’t want to be kept company by this little cutie?!

My friends and family are really great at looking after me when Thomas is away though and I’m really grateful for it. At the time of writing this post, it’s Monday and I haven’t had to cook dinner for myself since last Wednesday thanks to dinner invitations and catch ups with friends and family.

So it’s not as if I don’t get out and about – I certainly do. I always have plans at the weekend with friends and family, my dad pops in at least once a week for coffee, I’m out walking Ben (my dog) three times a day and two of my closest friends literally live round the corner.

But there are some days I don’t see anyone other than other dog walkers when Ben and I are out for walkies. Although I mostly don’t mind it, some days I do definitely feel lonely. Sometimes I’d just like someone to have a quick chat to, about everything and nothing.
freelancing is lonely

Another of the things that makes it lonely is that so few people I know are in the same boat. None of my friends or family are self-employed, so often they don’t understand the challenges it can throw up.

Of course my friends and family will ask ‘how’s work going?’, but I usually just say ‘yeah, it’s good, thanks’ and then change the subject. Nobody actually really wants to hear all the ins and outs of life as a self-employed person. I sometimes find it difficult to talk through any issues, challenges or even high-points that I’m experiencing as a freelancer because the people around me can’t really relate.

But, no matter how lonely I am I always try to look on the bright side. I focus on the positives in my life and my business. I’m doing a job that I adore and not many people can say that. And, in the grand scheme of things, there are people out there who I’m sure experience loneliness in a way that I couldn’t begin to imagine.

Are you a freelancer too? Do you find freelancing is lonely at times?