Where To Go in 2014? My Travel Wishlist

It’s the beginning of a brand new year and that means it’s time for some brand new travel adventures…yippee! 2013 disappeared *far* too quickly and saw me visiting fourteen different countries and countless cities and towns around the world. It’s so cliche, but I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!
I have only a handful of travels planned so far for 2014, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming of far flung lands and constantly thinking of where I can go next. Here’s where I’m going and want to go to in 2014…


My lovely mum is celebrating a big milestone birthday next year (don’t worry mum, I won’t tell which one or you’ll kill me) and we’ve booked a family trip to Iceland to celebrate! Although her birthday isn’t until April we’re travelling in March as there’s more chance of seeing the elusive Northern Lights then. We’re also going right before my birthday so imagine what a great present seeing the lights would be! Fingers crossed!


Photo via bsmethers on Flickr

I’m so excited to visit Iceland as so many people I know have been in the past year or so and it just looks absolutely out of this world beautiful. I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.


I’ve been dreaming of Morocco for a while now and it has become even more attractive to me recently. When I think of Morocco I think of colour, sound, the smell of spices and a culture so very different to my own. I’m desperate to experience it for myself so I’m really hoping 2014 is the year I finally make it to Morocco (and the top of Africa!).


Photo via Stephen Walford Photography on Flickr

Beautiful photo essays like this one from Jodi of Legal Nomads make me pine for Morroco and reminds me of this quote “Is it possible to miss a place you’ve never been?” from the movie Oblivion. To me, it definitely feels possible.

It’s looking likely that I will indeed be visiting Morocco sometime in 2014, more details on that soon! 


If you’re a regular reader here then you’ll probably remember I visited Paris for the first time in July 2013 and fell head over heels. Paris is seriously beautiful and I didn’t care that it was busy, overpriced and full of tourists because I was simply too swept away by how magical it was.

I’d love to return to Paris in 2014, but it’s not the only French city on my list…


Nantes is a city that lies on the banks of the Loire River and I visited it for the first time in early 2012 and was blown away by it. Nantes has a young population thanks to numerous universities and colleges which gives it a great atmosphere and it also has a terrific arts scene.

It has quintessentially French architecture, plenty of adorable little cafes where you can sit and people watch, delectable restaurants and the Loire Valley also happens to be home to some of my absolute favourite wines. Winning combination!

Another thing I loved about Nantes is the fact that it is the French city I have visited with fewest numbers of tourists meaning the streets are filled with locals and you won’t find yourself trying to dodge through tour groups all day long (Paris, I’m looking at you here).

Also, I’m still entirely devastated that I didn’t get to see Le Grand Elephant of Nantes walking the city streets. Yup, I haven’t lost my mind, there is a giant mechanical elephant that wanders the streets on certain days. You can even ride on his back!



I know, you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind now as I already live in Scotland, but I want to make this the year I see a lot more of my beautiful home country. 2014 is a big year for Scotland with The Homecoming, The Ryder Cup and lots more besides and it’s the perfect time for me to finally explore more.

Last year I visited Dumfries and Galloway, Inverness, Edinburgh, North Berwick, Loch Fyne, Loch Lomond, St Andrews and many more. This year I’d like to go further afield and see some new places and I’d also love to return to St Andrews, a place I was so surprised by.


I’ve previously visited St Petersburg and it three years later it still remains one of my favourite places that I’ve visited. I’d love to go to Moscow and see just how it compares to St Petersburg.


Moscow at Evening by Andrey Belenko on Flickr

I’m pretty fascinated by the history of Russia. It’s full of tales of drama, scandal, bloody wars and fights. It’s certainly not a history for the faint-hearted!

I also love the architectural styles that can be found in Russia and would love to visit Red Square to see the architecture there.

So, these are the places I’m either going to or wish I was going to in 2014. Where’s on your list? 

14 Responses to Where To Go in 2014? My Travel Wishlist

  1. Katie

    It looks like 2014 is going to be quite an exciting year! For exploring more of Scotland, I’d definitely recommend a trip to the Outer Hebrides :)

    • Emma Gray

      Thanks for the tip, Katie. I’ll definitely look into a trip to the Outer Hebrides :D

  2. Lucy

    Some great travel plans! I’m hoping to go to Morocco at the end of spring hopefully – went about 8 years ago and have been dying to go back. Love Paris too and usually manage to fit in a trip there most years. And look forward to reading about Russia, always been fascinated with visiting.

    • Emma Gray

      Where in Morocco are you thinking of going, Lucy? I’ve been dreaming of it for so long that I’m just dying to go!!

      • Lucy

        Think we’ll probably spend a couple of days in Marrakech then had to the coast to Essaouira where it’s a bit more chilled out as haven’t been there before and heard really good things about it. Already researching riads to stay in ad so many gorgeous places!

  3. The Guy

    They are great travel plans already for so early in the year. There are a lot of places there that I have not seen either so it will be interesting to read of your experiences. I particularly look forward to seeing your Northern Lights experience.

    You are right about Scotland, so beautiful that it is always worth exploring!

    • Emma Gray

      Fingers crossed I get to see the Northern Lights then or you’ll be reading an article about how disappointed I was not to see them :P

      I’m glad you agree about Scotland, it’s always my favourite!

  4. Brittany

    I can’t wait to read about Russia! It’s one of my top spots I would love to visit.

  5. Naomi

    Hope you see the Northern Lights! And take as many photos as possible. I have always wanted to see them. Though Iceland is not in my 2014 Bucket list, hope to go there some day. Oh, and wish your mum a happy birthday for me!. :)

  6. Beverley - Pack Your Passport

    All of these sound awesome Emma! I just moved back to England after being away for 3 years and I’m so excited to use this year to explore Ireland some more, Scotland, Paris, Croatia – so many plans! Iceland sounds amazing too, I need to get myself there soon :)

    • Emma Gray

      Sounds like you’ve got a busy year planned!

  7. Tammy Barbour

    I went to 7 countries last year. I hope to top that this year. Travel is my passion.

    • Emma Gray

      Wow, seven countries. Sounds great! Fingers crossed for 8+ this year :)

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