I’ve been lucky enough to have embarked on 18 cruises in my 28 and three-quarter years. Naturally, I now get asked a lot of questions about what to wear on cruises by people who are new to cruise holidays. One line I’ve been asked a lot about recently is Princess, specifically, what to wear on a Princess Cruise.

Princess are one of the largest cruise companies in the world with cruise holidays all over the world. Exactly what you’ll wear (especially during daytime when you’re out and about) depends a lot on where you’re travelling to and what the weather will be like there. Don’t forget to take this into account when packing!

Here’s my guide on what to wear on a Princess Cruise…

What to wear on a Princess Cruise – daytime

What you wear on a Princess cruise (and pretty much any cruise line to be honest) during the day is just the same as what you’d wear in any holiday resort.

what to wear on a princess cruise

If you’re travelling somewhere warm and sunny this might be a sundress, shorts and a t-shirt or similar. If you’re going ashore and doing some exploring, remember that you’ll want to be comfortable and have sturdy shoes on if you plan to explore on foot a lot.

what to wear on a princess cruise

When travelling in cooler climates then jeans and t-shirts are 100% acceptable for daytime wear.

What to wear on a Princess Cruise – evening

There are two different types of evening dress codes on a Princess Cruise. Some cruise lines have three different types of evening dress codes, which is why it’s always best to do your research before your holiday with a different cruise company.

Smart Casual

Smart Casual dress is the least fancy of the two dress options. On these nights I usually wear what I would to a restaurant when I’m at home.

what to wear on a princess cruise

For ladies, a skirt and top or smart casual dress will do the job perfectly.

If you’re a gentlemen, trousers (chino style trousers or slacks are absolutely fine) and a polo shirt work great.


Formal nights are your chance to get dressed up and I absolutely love these nights on a cruise. The number of formal nights will depend on how long your cruise holiday is and the Princess Cruises website will be able to inform you of this.

what to wear on a princess cruise

Ladies can wear cocktail dresses or evening gowns and feel perfectly comfortable and a little bit fancy. Smart trouser suits would also be fine if that’s more your style. Some people get more dressed up than others and it’s really just what works best for you.

For the men, Princess recommend tuxedos, dinner suits or dark coloured suits with a tie. It really depends what you feel most comfortable in.

I hope my guide on what to wear on a Princess Cruise is helpful! Happy cruising!