So you’ve booked your first ski trip and you’re wondering what on earth to pack. I feel you. I was the exact same before my first ski trip too. I read tonnes and tonnes of online articles on what to pack but found conflicting information everywhere.

To make it easier for you, I thought I’d put together my very own list of what to pack for a first ski trip. You’re welcome!

Ski socks 

Ski socks are a total must. Your average socks you wear at home with boots just won’t cut it. You can pick ski socks up relatively cheaply in places like Sports Direct and Decathlon. I got a pair from Tissot that were fantastic, and a couple of pairs in Tog24 that I didn’t love quite as much.

I’d advise checking the temperatures for where you’re skiing and picking socks accordingly. They vary a lot in thickness and warmth so opt for a thicker, warmer pair if you’re heading somewhere really cold and thinner pairs if you’re off somewhere a little warmer.

Salopettes and Ski Jacket 

Unless you’re hiring clothes whilst you’re away, you’ll need a pair of decent salopettes and a ski jacket. Again, as with the socks, check the temperature of where you’re going as some are made for freezing temperatures, which won’t be necessary if you’re heading somewhere slightly warmer.

Places that are great for salopettes on a budget are Decathlon and Sports Direct (budget friendly but not too much choice). If you’re willing to spend a bit more you’ll find loads of great options in all different colours and styles. Take your pick!

Lip balm 

Being out in the cold mountain air for most of the day will mean your lips get really dry. Be sure to take lip balm with you and even slip it into your pocket when you head out for the day. Your lips will thank you later!
what to pack for first ski trip

Goggles/sports sunglasses 

The glare from snow is incredibly bright, so you’re definitely going to want a good pair of goggles or sports sunglasses. Personally, I feel a bit too constricted wearing goggles so I opted for a cheap pair of sports sunglasses from Amazon and they were ideal.


Packing layers to wear under your salopettes and ski jacket is my top tip. Again (I’m like a broken record!), check the temperatures for where you’re heading. If it’s really cold you might want a thermal under-layer, if not then you probably won’t need it.

Under my salopettes I wore a cheap pair of leggings (Primark’s finest) and on top I wore a t-shirt and sports zipper under my ski jacket. I was perfectly warm with this combination and it was comfy too.


You WILL be in pain after skiing. It could be aching muscles or it might be that you’ve fallen an injured yourself (like me). Pack plenty of Ibuprofen for relief from pain and inflammation. You will absolutely thank me later.

Ski gloves 

Pretty self-explanatory. Keep your little fingers toasty warm when whizzing around the mountains.

A hat 

Even if you’re not normally a hat wearer, a cute hat is the perfect way to cover up helmet hair. I picked up a cheap hat before we left and wore it during lunch and after we finished up for the day to hide the fact my hair had been flattened by my helmet.
what to pack for first ski trip

Snow or walking boots

A pair of snow or walking boots are the perfect things to wear when you’re out about in the evenings after a day on the slopes. Make sure they’re comfy and have a good grip so you don’t take a tumble on any ice within the resort.

Jeans and jumpers

Ski resorts are pretty casual places, so most people wack on a cute jumper and some jeans for evening time. Don’t worry about packing all your best clothes and outfits – keep it simple, casual, comfy and warm.

Ski boots (maybe) 

I’m adding ski boots to the bottom of this list, as it’s perhaps not necessary for everyone to buy their own. Personally, I have a really high instep and decided to take the plunge and invest in my own ski boots prior to my trip. I was custom fitted for them and had them moulded to my feet. This meant that once I’d skied in them for a while they were broken in and are really comfy (as far as ski boots go).

If you have issues with your feet (high instep, flat feet etc) I can’t recommend buying your own boots enough. Being comfortable will mean you have better control when skiing and can spend longer out on the slopes without aching feet.

If you don’t decide to invest in your own ski boots, be sure to take your time getting the correct ones when you reach the hire place. Don’t just settle for the first pair you try on, as they more than likely won’t be the best fit for you. Spend some time getting the right pair for you and your feet will thank you later!

Do you have any other items that first-time skiers should add to their packing list?