We’re going camping!

That’s a sentence I didn’t really think I’d be writing (typing).

I’ve been camping a couple of times before, but I was kind of put off by my last camping experience. Once was a week in the north of England at a massive Guide camp. The other was when Thomas and I went camping for a night a few years ago. I ended up getting ill and was sick in the tent and those memories aren’t pleasant for either of us. The tent was promptly put in the bin and we haven’t really considered camping again since.

But then, a few weekends ago on a lovely sunny Sunday evening, we were sitting in the garden of our close friends’ and got onto the subject of Scotland. The weather has been so incredible here recently (sunny and temperatures in the mid-to-high-twenties) that we’ve all been falling in love with our country even more. We got to talking about all the places we’d like to go in Scotland – curating a rather long list. We thought wouldn’t it be great if we started visiting some of the places together?

So, we thought wouldn’t it be great if we started visiting some of the places together?

When we got onto the subject of the practicalities of visiting all these places, we all kind of agreed that camping would be a really great and fun way to see more of Scotland. It’ll mean we can pack up and leave at really short notice when our friends days off align and the weather forecast is looking promising. We can grab supplies, pack up one of the cars and be on the road within a matter of hours.

With where we live in central Scotland, we can be at so many places around the country within just a few hours drive. Plus, our friends literally live around the corner from us, so it’ll be super easy and convenient.
novice campers
So, a few days later we found ourselves frantically bidding for an amazing deal on a brand new tent on eBay. And we won!

We’re now the proud owners of a 6-person tent with two sleeping areas and a big living area.

Once the tent arrived we practised putting it up in our friends garden and it was so much fun. It’s massive, really roomy and looks like it’ll be really great for our camping adventures.

The friends that we’ve bought the tent with are a couple and one half of that couple is a friend of mine from school. We’ve travelled loads together throughout the years, so we know camping with them will be really fun.

Where to first? 

Our first camping trip is likely to be within the next couple of weeks, providing the weather plays ball. As long as it’s dry we’re game for a camping trip, so cross your fingers this gorgeous spell of weather continues.

We’ve decided to head somewhere around Loch Lomond for our first camping experience. Loch Lomond is around an hour away from our homes (depending on which part of the Loch you head to), so won’t take us too long to get there.
novice campers

When it comes to campsites we’re looking for ones that are pet-friendly so my dog Ben can come with us. We’re also in need of toilets and showers, because rough camping definitely isn’t our thing! Those are the absolute essentials. The things that are less essential, but definitely on our wish-list are great views, beautiful scenery, plenty of walks and things to do nearby and a cosy pub within walking distance for drinks in the evening. Too much to ask?

Do you have any campsite recommendations for us? Or tips on what to pack for our first camping trip? Let me know in the comments below…