1. Skyscanner

Skyscanners website allows you to search for cheap flights anytime of year. Compare flight prices in different months, weeks and specific dates. They also have this really cool feature that allows you to search for flights from your chosen airport to ‘everywhere’ so you can see exactly where you can fly to and how much for on any given date. Perfect!

2. Trivago

I always use Trivago to compare hotel booking prices across a whole bunch of websites all at once. It compares prices and shows you the cheapest ones, meaning you get the lowest price available.

3. Travelzoo

Travelzoo put together a weekly ‘Top 20’ of the best travel deals around that comes into my inbox every Wednesday. This then leads to me spending ages looking at every deal and going ‘Ohhhh that looks good’ to every single one.

4. Holiday Pirates

Holiday Pirates source mega cheap travel deals from around the Internet and put the best ones on their website and social media. Some of the deal are absolutely incredible and I’m tempted to book some of them all the time (for example, I was on their website this morning and there was a 2 night break in Budapest in a 4 star hotel for just £69 per person!).

5. HomeAway

HomeAway is a website that offers holiday lettings in villas, apartments, cottages and houses across the globe. I have a villa booked through them just now for Portugal in May and can’t wait to get there. It looks amazing and was so reasonably priced!

6. TripAdvisor

I always have a quick search on TripAdvisor before booking a hotel, just incase there are any recent reviews that are really bad. Better safe than sorry, right?!

7. Lonely Planet

When it comes to travel inspiration, it doesn’t get much more inspiring than Lonely Planet. I love browsing their latest articles and images for ideas of where to go next and what to do in places I’m already planning to visit.

8. Momondo

Momondo is pretty similar to Skyscanner in that it is a flight comparison site. I like to check both before booking any flights, as occasionally they’ll show up slightly different prices or a different route plan if it’s a multi-connection journey.

9. Booking.com

I really like Booking.com and use their website most often when booking hotels. I like the amount of information provided on hotels, the images and their free cancellation policy on the majority of their bookings is perfect for people like me who can be a tad indecisive!

There are no affiliate links included in this article and I am not being paid to promote any of these websites or companies. These are simply websites I use in my own travel planning process that I wanted to share.