Why You Should Visit Scotland in Summer

It’s no secret that everywhere looks better in the sunshine, and Scotland is no exception to this rule. Scotland is a breathtakingly beautiful country even on a grey, rainy day (we get those too often in Scotland!) but add some golden sunshine and blue skies and it’s undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. I know as a native Scot I’m totally biased but I hope my pictures can help convince you that I’m not utterly deluded…

This is one of my favourite spots to walk my dog in summer – Portencross Beach. It’s only around 40 minutes drive from my home and the views along the drive are to die for. Add in some cheesy/awesome road trip songs and you’re looking at the perfect drive!

My dog adores running along the golden sandy beach chasing after sticks and golf balls and I love the fresh sea air and the incredible views out over the water to the island of Arran.


Scotland is the type of place that just begs you to get outdoors and explore. If you head to the highlands you’ll find yourself enchanted by the rolling hills punctuated by lochs and small villages with barely a few residents and one tiny shop to service them all. If you go to the coast you’ll fall in love with the blue skies, extraordinarily beautiful beaches that you probably wont’ believe belong in Scotland and not the Caribbean.


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I took a fantastic road trip a few weeks ago to Loch Fyne and the scenery along the way was just amazing and I really didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world, because in the sunshine Scotland is just perfect.



Visiting Scotland in summer definitely doesn’t mean you won’t see rain though as it still rains pretty often in the summer, especially where I live in the west. I know all of us Brits love talking about the weather and inevitably complaining about the copious amounts of rain we’re treated to, but the rain in Scotland helps make everywhere so lush, green and gorgeous in the summer months. There’s trees, bushes and flowers blooming everywhere and everything seems to be full of life and vibrancy all thanks to the miserable rain we get all to often.

Scotland’s largest cities are also better in the summer months. The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow, which actually means ‘dear green place’ has more parks and gardens than most other major cities around the world and what could be better than exploring city life and the bustling city streets for a while then retreating to a peaceful park such as the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow Green or Pollock Park. Edinburgh is in on the action too with the beautiful Princes Street Gardens that lie at the heart of the city.


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So many great events and festivals take place in Scotland during summer too that could make your visit to Scotland all the more exciting and memorable. There’s Edinburgh’s world famous fringe festival, Glasgow’s West End Festival and plenty of smaller, regional events and festivals. This year Scotland is also hosting the prestigious Ryder Cup at Gleneagles and The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as well as Homecoming Scotland 2014. It’s all happening in Scotland this summer and it’s definitely the perfect time to visit!


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Have you been to Scotland in summer before? What do you think is the best season to visit?

4 Responses to Why You Should Visit Scotland in Summer

  1. Jennifer Steck

    I’ve never been to Scotland, but it’s getting higher up on my travel list, especially as I see your beautiful photos.

    • Emma Gray

      I’m glad my photos had that effect! Hope you make it to Scotland soon, Jennifer :)

  2. Arup Ghosh

    Agree with you…Scotland is such a pretty place. Have been to Isle of Islay (to visit the distilleries) and Glasgow in 2012. Planning to spend Hogmany at Edinburgh this year.

    • Emma Gray

      I’m glad you agree, Arup :) Hogmanay in Edinburgh is absolutely fantastic. There’s a few articles on here about my experiences there so feel free to check them out :)

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