As I’ve written about before, Venice is the type of place you either love or hate and I’m definitely in the love camp so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pictures taken in the city. Venice can be crowded with tourists, especially in the summer, but look beyond the clusters of people and admire the beauty of this charming city. It is definitely the less well known spots in the city that are the places I like the most.
Venice Gondola

The opulent architecture of St. Marks Square and the Doge’s Palace fascinate me, but my favourite thing to do in Venice is get into the quieter, less touristic backstreets of the city and explore. Away from the main canals and attractions of Venice the streets are usually almost empty as most people don’t stray too far from the beaten track.
Venice backstreets

Doge's Palace, Venice

Most of the people who visit Venice are day trippers who have come in from nearby towns, cities and holiday resorts such as Rimini, Lido di Jesolo and Vicenza, which means that by evening the city is far quieter than during the day. It’s delightfully peaceful in comparison. One thing which I simply had to do whilst in Venice was enjoy a cocktail in one of the bars on St. Marks Square in the evening.

St Marks Square Venice at night

Look how empty St Marks Square is! It’s never like this during the day!

Of course I had to order a Bellini, the cocktail that originated in Venice. It was a pretty magical moment sitting in St Marks Square sipping my Bellini, listening to the fabulous musicians playing behind me and enjoying some great company. Sure, it wasn’t the cheapest bar bill I’ve ever had, but it was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments that are always worth it.
St Marks Square Venice

Bellini Venice

Pro tip: there are usually three different bar and restaurant prices in Venice – the outdoor seats with a view, indoor seats and bar stool prices. Good to know if you’re on a tight budget.

What do you think about Venice? Do you love it or hate it?Ā