I feel so lucky to call Scotland my home, the country I was born in and have lived all of my life in. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever set eyes upon.

Recently, I’ve realised just how rewarding travelling within Scotland can be. In the last 10 years especially, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring other countries and far-flung parts of the globe. I’ve travelled to India, Vietnam, through much of Europe, and more. There have been times I’ve had to pinch myself to believe the amazing things I was experiencing and seeing were really happening. But, despite all that, I love travelling in Scotland just as much.
travelling in scotland

In the past 18 months, I’ve spent more time in Scotland than is normal for me. Thomas and I bought a house and put a heck of a lot of money into that, meaning our travel budget was cut short. Although, since we bought the house we’ve been to Portugal multiple times, had a summer trip to the south of France, enjoyed a villa holiday with friends, had loads of weekends away within Scotland and are heading off to Bulgaria next month. It’s safe to say we haven’t been sitting at home *too* much since we got the keys.

But, it has meant that travelling in Scotland has become much more manageable and appealing. We love our home, our base, the place that is just for us and our little dog. We now prefer to take shorter trips more frequently, rather than being away from home for weeks and weeks at a time. That means shorter trips within Scotland, as well as further afield.
travelling in scotland

Living in central Scotland, it’s so easy to embark upon a short adventure. I can be in Glasgow in 15 minutes, Edinburgh in an hour and be gazing out to sea at the coast within 45 minutes. That can sometimes be so much more appealing than trudging through airports and wasting hours and hours on planes.

Although Scotland is a relatively small country – just over 80 thousand square kilometres – it’s a country with so much to offer. It is diverse, interesting and so, so beautiful.

I’ve lived here all of my 27 years so far and am proud of how much I’ve already explored and discovered. But I still feel as though I could live and travel Scotland for another 27 years and not see everything I want to. Scotland really is a country with so many points of interest.
travelling in scotland

Whilst travelling around Scotland, I’ve seen some of the most incredible coastline that I’ve ever set eyes upon. Some of the beaches I’ve discovered I could hardly believe were in Scotland and not in the Mediterranean. I’ve explored fantastic cities, with Glasgow and Edinburgh being two of my favourites. I’ve wandered around small towns and villages full of charm and adorable buildings. And I’ve marvelled countless times over the sheer natural beauty of the landscapes.

So, despite having travelled to 38 countries so far, Scotland is still one of my favourites. Travelling here is just as good as heading off abroad. Here’s to lots more Scottish adventures…

Do you enjoy travelling in your home country as much as travelling abroad?