I’ve written before about how Thomas and I love taking trips instead of buying gifts for each other for birthdays, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about travelling for a special occasion.

It can be a surprise

Thomas and I both love surprises, although we do definitely spend a lot of time trying to guess what the other one has planned!

Why not book a surprise trip for your loved one for a birthday, anniversary or hell even just because? Life’s too short not to travel as much as you can.

It’s all in the planning

If you’re booking a trip as a surprise be sure to secretly talk to the person’s boss to make sure they can get the time off work, so as not to ruin your plans.

My parents have done this a bunch of times with each other’s work and their bosses are always happy to help. Most people are great with things like this as they like being part of a surprise.


It doesn’t have to be completely over the top

Just because it’s a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion doesn’t mean you have to go completely over the top and book flights to The Maldives or some other tropical location (although if you can you should totally do that – how fun!).

Trips to places nearby can be just as fun as visiting a new country or city if you plan them right. It can be as simple as booking a night in a gorgeous hotel in your own city because the other person will appreciate so much the effort you’ve gone to for them.

Stay somewhere special 

If you can afford to why not book something totally out of the ordinary for you, so that you’ll be sure to remember it forever.

Book that hotel your other half has ALWAYS wanted to stay in, have a night in a luxe treehouse, splash out on a five star hotel – basically book wherever you think will be seriously special for your favourite person.

Don’t forget the little extras 

If it’s a special occasion that you want to make even more special then why not think about extra ways you could make the trip even better.

It might be as simple as ordering chocolates or wine to be in your hotel room when you arrive, booking an incredible restaurant for a celebratory meal or planning a whole load of fun adventures and activities for the duration of your trip. These sorts of things make all the difference and will show your other half you really care.

Tell people it’s an occasion 

This one sounds a little simple but so many people don’t do this and miss out. Tell the hotel you’re staying at that you’re travelling to celebrate a special occasion and you might just find they do something to make your trip even better.

Thomas and I have had champagne and flowers delivered to our room, complimentary upgrades and chocolate welcome platters left for us when we’ve been in different hotels around the world. It definitely doesn’t do any harm to mention your occasion!

Have you travelled for a special occasion before? What tips do you have to share?