I must confess, I’m a little bit strange in the fact that I absolutely love packing for a trip! I’m a little bit of an organisation loser, so sorting out my stuff and getting it all neatly packed in a suitcase or carry-on is kind of fun for me! So, just what exactly makes it into my suitcase on each trip. Here’s a few of the things that I simply won’t leave home without…

Suitcase, Travel Packing

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iPad and iPhone

It comes with the territory as a blogger that I’m a bit of a gadget nerd so I don’t go anywhere without my iPad and iPhone. Perfect for taking pictures, editing pictures, posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and all that good stuff that you awesome people follow. You’ll always find more up to date stuff on there than you will on my blog so please go check them out!


I’m a complete book nerd and I like to read a little each night before I go to sleep and my kindle is perfect for storing hundreds of books on it but only taking up a teeny bit of space. Plus, reading is the perfect way to wile away the hours during a long flight, train, coach or car journey.

Power Monkey Charger

Power Monkey Charger, Travel Packing
During long travel days I often find myself needing some extra charge in my gadgets, especially my iPhone. That’s where my Power Monkey Charger comes in! This bad boy is perfect for shoving in your pocket or handbag and plugs into any gadget that has a USB compatible charge point. I never go anywhere without mine!


This might sound like a little bit of a strange item to travel with, but superglue is SO handy! I’ve used to it to stick on the soles of shoes that have started to come apart, fix luggage that has been battered and bruised on a long journey and even to fix broken fingernails (probably not the best idea, but it works a treat!). Superglue takes up such a small space in your suitcase and really does have a multitude of uses.

Moroccan Hair Oil

Travel Packing

Shiny hair even in the foothills of the Himalayas, India!

This one’s for the ladies! I get quite a lot of compliments on my hair, but when I’m travelling I don’t spend a lot of time on it at all. I’m far too busy exploring and having fun! The one thing I always have handy is a travel sized Morrocan Hair Oil (don’t tell anyone but Primark do a really good one for less than 2 quid!). It helps keep my hair shiny, smooth and frizz free.

First Aid Kit

You’d think this was always the first thing in my suitcase being a seasoned traveller, right? Wrong. I always travelled with plasters and some painkillers but that was as ready as I was for action if anything untoward happened. That was until my poor mum sliced open her leg getting on a train in India. We had a four hour train journey in front of us and neither of us had anything big enough to cover the cut, let alone antiseptic gel! From now on I vow to always be prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit.
Travel Packing

Mobile Wifi Device

I can’t stand not being connected for long periods of time while I’m on trips so these days I try not to go anywhere without a mobile wifi device. I’ve tried out loads of different makes and models from different companies but my favourite has been Vivente Connect.

Portable Speakers

There’s nothing better than having some portable speakers on the road to allow you to chill out with some of your favourite tunes. I love getting ready for a day (or night!) out while listening to music so I hate to be without my portable speakers.

 So, these are my travel packing essentials, what are yours?!