For the most part being a travel blogger is great. Like, really great. I get to visit some amazing places and see and do things I never really thought possible. Then, I get to write about the places I visit and the things I’ve done there. I truly love writing, so for me, that’s one of the best parts.

But, the one thing that’s a bit of a problem about being a travel blogger is that people expect I’ve been absolutely EVERYWHERE and so I’m bombarded with questions. These can be about anything relating to travel – destinations, airlines, cultures, languages and more.
travel blogger problems

Facebook messages from people I’ve barely spoken to beyond a ‘like’ here and there over the past few years come in thick and fast:

I’m going to Outer Mongolia on holiday, where should I stay?

Do you know any good restaurants in Lima?

When meeting new people I’m asked questions like:

“Oh! You’re a travel blogger…I’m planning a holiday for next month where will I go?”

We’re going to Cancun next month, is it good for kids?

Ehhh…no. I’ve never even been to Outer Mongolia, Lima or Cancun (I may be being a tad facetious with these place names). Why would you assume I have without knowing?
travel blogger

And when I answer that I haven’t been to whatever place they’re enquiring about they look at me as if I must be the world’s worst travel blogger.

In reality, it would be totally unbelievable if I had been to everywhere already and had an answer to everyone’s questions. I could spend the rest of my life travelling and still have not been everywhere and done everything. That’s part of the beauty and the allure of travel.

Realistically, my blog post title is probably a bit dramatic. It’s not exactly a massive problem being asked about places I haven’t been before, but it always makes me feel awkward when I have to answer that I haven’t been there yet. I always kind of mumble and go a bit red if people react with some kind of snarky comment like ‘how can you be a travel blogger if you don’t know that?‘. Rude.

I guess it must be kind of the same as being a doctor and being asked at dinner parties about everyone’s ailments. “Nice to meet you! Do you have any idea what this red rash is on my arm?“. I’d like to think most people wouldn’t do that to poor unsuspecting doctors who are enjoying a night off!
travel blogger problems

Are you a fellow travel blogger who is often faced with questions like these? Do they frustrate you too?