Self-care has become something of a buzz phrase in the last year or so and shows no signs of disappearing off the radars. If you don’t know what self-care is (have you been living under a rock?), it describes “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.” [source]

Practising self-care means different things for different people. To some, it can be as simple as saying no to something they don’t want to do and for others, it can be lying in a bubble bath for an hour with a face mask on watching crap TV on the iPad. It’s basically whatever makes you feel good, relaxes you and helps life feel a little bit better and easier.

For me, travel is one of the best forms of self-care. 
travel as self care

Travel works wonders for me. It makes me feel energised, excited and alive. It’s one of my most favourite things to do in the world and that makes it the best kind of self-care.

For some reason when I travel I’m more inclined to indulge myself. I pack all my best toiletries from luxe brands and really enjoy using them. I don’t deny myself an extra glass of wine and I love a lazy lie-in that I would never normally have at home. I take time over applying body lotion from my favourite brands and making myself feel as great as I can. I do things that at home that I’d usually say I’m too busy for or don’t have the time for.

Indulging in doing these little things for myself when I’m travelling just adds to the enjoyment of travel for me. I already adore travelling to both new and old places, trying new foods, meeting new people and getting a taste of different cultures. I love to admire architecture, get lost in new citites and see sunsets and sunrises in different spots.
travel as self care

It doesn’t have to be a big extravagant trip to the other side of the world. It can be as simple as a weekend away within Scotland. No matter where I go or how long for, it always brings me back to feeling like the best version of myself.

I always return from trips feeling like an excellent version of myself. I’m happier, more productive, have more energy and feel better about absolutely everything. And surely that’s the best you can hope for from travel?

Do you see travel as a form of self-care?