I love flying, I always have done. I’ve written here before about my love of flying. The concept of being able to get into a metal can, fly through the air and end up somewhere thousands of miles away within the space of a few hours is truly amazing.

There are some thoughts that pop up time and time again when flying though. Some things that go through my head every single time I fly, how about you?


Why is the boarding process always different? Sometimes you go outside, sometimes directly onto the plane, other times on a bus. What way will be board today? 

Seat 17A, 17A…17A. *Finds seat 17A* triple check flight ticket to confirm 17A is in fact, my seat then proceed to sit down. 

Oh gosh, I hope they’re not sitting next to me. Please no, please no, please no. 

OMG are these empty seats beside me?! Woohoo! 
thoughts when flying

Take off 

Wow, this is so cool. We are going so fast. 

We seem to be going along the runway for ages, are we not going to take off and overshoot the runway? 

We’re up! My tummy feels flippy. 

I wonder if I can see my house from here? *Peers out window* 

Is the plane supposed to be making that noise? 

thoughts when flying

In the air

Is that the drinks trolley coming? *Dashes to retrieve purse from bag in overhead locker* 

Why is plane food so s*%!?! 

How many drinks are acceptable on a three hour flight?! 

Why do people look out the window when there’s turbulence? As if you’re going to see the culprit of the turbulence at 37,000 feet… 

I wonder how long it is until we arrive? Should I look at my watch? Or will I just be disappointed with how long we’ve got left in the air? 

Maybe I should check my watch… 

Crap, we’re only 35 minutes into the flight. Knew I shouldn’t have looked at my watch so soon. 


Nearly there, nearly there, nearly there. 

I love when it looks as though the plane is going to land in the sea until the runway pops into view at the last minute. 

Why do people feel the need to leap out of their seat as soon as the plane lands and the seatbelt sign goes on only to stand in the aisle and wait? 

I hope there’s not a big queue at passport control, let’s get this trip started! 

Do you have any of the same thoughts when flying? Tell me it’s not just me!