Hello, Twenty Eight!

Today it’s my birthday and I’m now officially (mortifyingly) in my late twenties. Edging closer and closer to thirty every day. Someone pass me some wine, quick!

I’m mostly kidding (although not about the wine part!). I’m not too bothered about getting older. It’s a privilege that many people don’t get to experience, so I want to make the most of life and not worry about an insignificant number.

So many great things have happened in the past year, so I wanted to put together a post with some of my favourite moments and pictures from age 27. Here are the best parts and moments from being 27…

I feel like I’ve become more myself as I’ve gotten older. There’s no pressure to be like other people, or do things that other people do. I’ve relaxed into doing things my own way and embracing my own quirks and oddities. Let’s face it, everyone has them.

Thomas and I have now been living together for almost eighteen months, and we’ve adjusted to it so well. We love our home and have settled into something of a routine together. Although, that is quite difficult given Thomas works away from home and can be gone for a month or more at a time.

I’ve also settled into a great routine for when Thomas is away working. That means I’m home alone (with my pup Ben) for a month or so and although I can get lonely at times, I mostly enjoy it. I get stuck into work and have family and freinds nearby for frequent catch ups, dinners and outings.
turning twenty eight

I’ve always been an organised person, but I’ve become so much more organised in the last year or so. Since moving in with Thomas and having my own house to look after, I’ve become so much more on it with organisation. I made to-do lists every day and love being so productive and on top of things.

I’ve also become so much more adventurous with cooking recently. Whilst I’ve always loved to cook, having our own beautiful kitchen to cook in has just made it so much more fun. We love to try out new recipes, I adore making bread and we enjoy entertaining. We’ve had plenty of great dinner parties with family and friends.

Another highlight was travelling to Portugal with Thomas, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. We had a fantastic long weekend in the sunshine and made it to our very favourite restaurant just before the amazing owners sold it.


That wasn’t my only trip to Portugal, though. I spent a glorious week in Lagos with Thomas and three of our closest friends last May. We hired a gorgeous villa with a private pool and had such a fantastic and relaxing week. The beaches in and around Lagos are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen and we loved exploring them.

Thomas and I also enjoyed a trip to the south of France, and area we both love. We hired a cute little mini convertible and drove along the coast, stopping in loads of different towns and cities along the way. It was roasting hot and we even managed to see the stunning ‘end of summer’ fireworks in Juan Les Pins!
turning twenty eight

Another big highlight from the year was my trip up to the north of Scotland. The weather couldn’t have been better for the full week and I couldn’t believe some of the amazing scenery was really in my home country.

I travelled with my brother’s girlfriend (now fiancee!) and we had such a good week. We got to drive part of the incredible North Coast 500, visited a gin distillery and a castle, went to the most northern points in mainland Scotland, indulged in plenty of bubbly and just really enjoyed being in Scotland.
turning twenty eight, north of scotland

In between all of my travels there have been parties, get-togethers, my brother and his girlfriend got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid, our friends moved in around the corner, Thomas turned 30, we had 3 superb weekends at Archerfield near North Berwick and enjoyed a stay at Cameron House Hotel.

27 was an amazing year. I wonder if 28 can top it? Time to find out!