Looking for fun, festive things to do in Glasgow at Christmas time? The city is filled to the brim with festivities, decorations and the usual welcoming atmosphere you’d expect from Glasgow.

Now that it’s almost December, the festive season is well and truly upon us and it’s time to start planning out all the christmassy things you’re going to do this year.

There’s plenty to do in and around the city that’ll keep everyone happy and get you all in the mood for festive cheer and good times. Get your friends together, go with your partner, grab your family or take the kids…there’s something to suit everyone.

Christmas markets 

things to do in glasgow at christmas
Is it even Christmas if you don’t visit some Christmas markets? I don’t think so!

Glasgow’s Christmas Markets might not be quite as impressive as Edinburgh’s, but they’re still a lot of fun. There are two markets this year in the city – one at St. Enoch’s and one in George Square.

There are independent retailers selling cute Christmas trinkets and gifts, plus plenty of decorations and ornaments. There are places you can drink mulled wine or Gluhwein to really get in the festive spirit and plenty of delicious things to eat too.

There’s also rides and entertainment at the George Square markets to keep wee ones happy.

There’s also an autism-friendly day at the George Square markets on 4th December. Flashing lights will be turned off, music will be quieter and it’ll be as friendly as possible to those with autism. What a great idea!

Go to a festive movie 

What’s better at Christmas time than snuggling up with a good movie? Well, there are quite a few places throughout the city where you can indulge that wish.

Glasgow Film Theatre is showing a myriad of festive flicks throughout the month of December. Catch up with Buddy the Elf, see how Kevin’s getting on in Home Alone or join in with the Frozen sing-a-long.

If you’re willing to travel a bit outside of the city then you can head to the Christmas drive-in movies at Loch Lomond Shores. These are being hosted by itison and look set to be spectacular. As well as great movies such as Love Actually and Die Hard, there’s also gourmet festive food stands and car-aoke.

Admire the Christmas lights 

things to do in glasgow at christmas
This might not sound so fun at first, but bear with me! When my brother and I were younger my mum used  to drive us around admiring the Christmas lights and we absolutely loved it. Not to sound old as heck, but Christmas lights these days are so much more impressive now than when I was wee. That means it’s even more fun these days!

Jump in the car and head out on a drive to discover the Christmas lights, or just head out on foot. It’s fun admiring the Christmas lights and, let’s face it, cringing at some of the tackier displays too.

Attend the panto

Does anything say Christmas quite like the panto? Oh no, it doesn’t!

I love a good trip to the panto, with the singing, the banter, the costumes, and the punny jokes. Who doesn’t?!

There are several pantos happening in and around Glasgow. My favourite panto is usually the one at The King’s, which is Aladdin this year. Elsewhere, there’s Cinderella at the SEC and The Pavillion, Mammy Goose at The Tron and Alice in Pantoland at The Shed. There are also plenty more smaller productions around the city if you fancy that too.

Get your skates on

things to do in glasgow at christmas
There’s no place to get your skates on in Glasgow city centre this year but, fear not, there are several places nearby where you can ice skate in the open air. The nearby city of Paisley has an open-air ice rink as part of their Winterfest. There will also be Christmas markets and festive fairground rides, plus plenty of things to eat and drink at Winterfest.

Elsewhere, there’s the ice rink at M&D’s theme park at Strathclyde Park. Here you can skate outdoors then enjoy some fun times in their Santa Wonderland, including seeing reindeer, meeting Santa and more. Elsewhere within the park, there’s indoor bowling, a game zone and, of course, the theme park rides themselves.

What things are you planning to do in Glasgow this Christmas?