I’ve been lucky enough to have visited the gorgeous Italian town of Sorrento countless times. I even spent a full week there last summer staying in a seriously incredible villa.

Overlooking the Bay of Naples and nestled on cliffs rising out of the sea, Sorrento is a wonderfully pretty town. It’s no wonder then that Italians have been visiting for hundreds of years, making it a popular holiday resort. Nowadays, the cat is out the bag and visitors come from around the world to spend some time in this chic town whilst soaking up the Italian sunshine.

After visiting Sorrento so many times, I feel like I know it rather well. When I arrive there it feels as though I’m back with an old friend. I have some favourite things I like to do there and on each visit I discover more. Here are five great things I like to do in Sorrento…

1. Hit the beach

Whilst there aren’t really any large sandy stretches of beach in Sorrento, there’s still a great beach scene. The small bits of sand that are have become part of beach clubs, many of which have terraced areas out over the water. Some even have private swimming areas sectioned off and private changing huts. Entry is for a small fee, but once in you can stay for the whole day and order drinks and snacks right to your deckchair. Ideal!

2. People watching 

I’ve confessed about my guilty pleasure of indulging in people watching when I travel and Sorrento is a great place to do it. The best place to do this is in one of the cafes at Piazza Tasso – the heart of Sorrento. The Piazza is always filled with people going backwards and forwards or out for a stroll. Grab a seat in one of the cafes, order a spritz and get down to some serious people watching.

3. Take a day trip

things to do in sorrento
Sorrento is a wonderful base for exploring the rest of the Bay of Naples and the nearby Amalfi Coast. It’s possible to take day trips to so many great places nearby. Places such as Capri, Ischia, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Positano, Pompeii and more. These places are all easily reachable by boat, train, car or as part of a tour. It’s really simple to get around this part of Italy that taking at least one day trip is a great idea.

4. Walk the winding streets

Sorrento is blessed with winding, cobbled streets, gorgeous piazzas and some fantastic 14th-century architecture. Admire the colourful buildings with ornate exteriors, wander in and out of the shops in the oldest part of Sorrento and visit the Cattedrale di Sorrento. If you’re there at the right time you might even see a couple heading into the cathedral to get married – it’s a very popular spot to get hitched.

5. Boat trip! 

things to do in Sorrento
There’s nothing better than a boat trip, especially one in somewhere as picturesque as Sorrento. For maximum fun hire your own boat for the day (many come with skippers if your captaining skills aren’t up to scratch) and enjoy being out on the water.

Do you have anything to add to my list of things to do in Sorrento?