Are you thinking of visiting the best country in the world? Here’s a few handy things to know before visiting Scotland… THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING SCOTLAND

1. Men don’t always walk around in kilts

I’ve met quite a few people on my travels who’ve asked me about men in kilts. Some people seem to assume they wander around wearing them every day but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Guys tend to only wear kilts for weddings or other special occasions so you won’t be walking past handsome kilted gents on every street in Scotland. Sorry to disappoint ladies!


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2. We are some of the friendliest people in the world

I’ve never met people friendlier than us Scots and have heard similar reports from friends from all over the world. The Scottish people simply love a bit of friendly chat and banter so you’ll probably find locals striking up conversations with you at random times.

3. You might not understand us

Scottish people tend to talk incredibly quickly so you might find us quite hard to keep up with and still understand what on earth we’re talking about. Unfortunately this problem is only exacerbated when we have a few drinks and we tend to start talking even faster! Good luck on a night out with a bunch of Scottish people! Check out my guide to Scottish slang if you want to get some practice before you visit.

4. Ginger is everywhere

Scotland is the home of the redhead and you’ll see beautiful gingers everywhere you go. In Scotland (and everywhere else!) redheads are super sexy and around 13% of the population are blessed with the gene. There are all different colours and shades of red hair and you’ll find strawberry blonde, auburn (like me!) and bright orange hair all around the country.


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5. Our national animal is the unicorn

Seriously. The unicorn. I know you probably don’t believe me so go ahead and google it just to make sure. I told you so.

6. We have incredible history

Scotland’s history is violent, intriguing, scandalous and full of blood and gore. It’s way more complicated than the movie Braveheart would lead you to believe and a lot more interesting. Scotland is filled to the brim with wonderful, vibrant history and you’ll find yourself wanting to learn more and more about what makes Scotland the country it is today.

7. We invented some of the best stuff

Scottish people are credited with inventing the television, the pedal bike, the refrigerator, the toaster, flushing toilets, the postage stamp, the telephone, ultrasound and MRI scanners, general anesthetics, penicillin and, of course, our national sport of golf. I could go on and on listing all the things that have been invented or created by Scottish people but I don’t want to bore you with how intelligent we all are…

8. The weather is rubbish

I’m a firm believer that if Scotland was blessed with better weather then it would be the most popular country in the world. Unfortunately, it’s one of the wettest countries in Europe and is especially rainy in the west of the country. If you’re planning a visit then be sure to pack an umbrella or a waterproof jacket.

9. The scenery is breathtaking

There are very few places in the world where I’ve seen better scenery than I have in Scotland. The highlands are rugged, natural and an incredible sight to see. The lochs are calm, peaceful spots to rest. The coastline is wild, windy and gorgeous and the islands are varied and plentiful. THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING SCOTLAND THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING SCOTLAND THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING SCOTLAND THINGS-TO-KNOW-BEFORE-VISITING-SCOTLAND THINGS-TO-KNOW-BEFORE-VISITING-SCOTLAND

What else do you think you’d need to know before visiting Scotland? Have you been to Scotland before?