Have you ever stayed at a hotel that was so weird and so wonderful all at the same time? Nope? Well I hadn’t either until I stepped off a quiet street in Edinburgh’s Old Town, in the shadow of the ancient castle, and checked into The Witchery Hotel.

Entering The Witchery is a little like stepping back in time. We were led out of the close and up a winding staircase to our suite for the night. The friendly porter told us that our suite, the ‘Inner Sanctum’, was the very first suite that opened in the hotel and led us in through a giant wooden door and as we stepped through it we were transported back in time.


We found ourselves in a tartan lined entrance room. Tartan walls, tartan carpets, tartan everything. There was certainly no mistaking that we were in Scotland’s capital city. A giant chandelier hung from the high ceiling and dominated the room.

Following the porter we were led into the the main room of most incredible suite I’ve ever seen.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the lavishly draped giant four poster bed which awaited us. WOW!

My eyes then darted all over the room attempting to take in everything around me. The wonderfully baroque decor, the huge bust of Queen Victoria, the raised breakfast area, the lounge seating area, beautiful fresh lilies, bookcases filled with old books and antique style kick knacks absolutely everywhere.

There was classical music playing and a lit fire ready to greet us but I almost felt as thought I was in a museum and I’d get in trouble for touching things. I felt like there should be ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ signs on all the antiquey looking items and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.


The porter then showed us through to our bathroom which was definitely the most opulent bathroom I’ve ever seen and about the size of my lounge at home. It had the biggest Victorian roll-top bath and yet more antique style photographs and bits and bobs dotted around.


The bath was almost big enough to have a swim in!

‘Your bottle of champagne is waiting in the ice bucket and there’s fresh cookies in the jar too. Just let us know if you need anything else’ the porter said and slipped out.

Well I guess some champagne would help me relax I thought and popped the cork…


As I sipped my champagne and fully took in the  suite in all its Gothic glory I slowly started to relax into it. Although it felt like a museum at first the welcoming touches such as the friendly staff, lit fire, music and chilled champagne all serve to take that feel away from it and allow you to settle into your suite.

And settle in I did. That gargantuan bath was my first port of call, with a glass of champagne in hand naturally. It was peaceful and I loved the creaking floorboards and occasional groans and noises from the building, which dates all the way back to the sixteenth century.


Chillin’ with my pal Queen Vic. She creeped me out a little…

Each one of the suites at The Witchery by The Castle Hotel are different and this adds to the beauty of the hotel. We were lucky enough to get a little tour of some of the suites during our stay and although they were all stunning, I think the ‘Inner Sanctum’ was definitely my favourite.

Apparently it’s also the favourite of many celebrities too. The fabulous Roxy who brought us breakfast and kindly showed us around some of the other suites told us stories of celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas staying in the Inner Sanctum too, among many others.


My time at The Witchery Hotel was ridiculously lavish, it was slightly outlandish, it was like nowhere I’ve ever been before and I’d LOVE to return.

Disclosure: I stayed at The Witchery by the Castle Hotel whilst reviewing properties for LateRoom’s 52 Sleeps Book (you can download the e-book here) however all opinions and musings are entirely my own.