The Street Art of Berlin

Berlin is a place that is world renowned for its street art, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It seems as though at every turn you are confronted with street art of some kind. Some of it is truly interesting, thought provoking and makes walking around Berlin that bit more exciting as you never know what you’ll stumble upon next. Here’s some of my favourite pictures of the street art of Berlin…

Kreuzberg Street Art BerlinI loved this colourful piece on the side of a building in Kreuzberg. Often you can walk right past street art in Berlin and totally miss it. It’s so commonplace that sometimes you don’t even think to look for it.
East Side Gallery Berlin Street ArtThese lovely words were some of my favourite among those plastered along what remains of the Berlin Wall, which once separated East and West Berlin. I could have spent hours walking along the wall and reading the quotes and admiring the art. And taking photographs of course!
East Side Gallery Berlin Street ArtI love this Banksy style piece that declares ‘Knowledge is the deadliest form of power.’ I found this to be one of the most thought provoking pieces of art that I saw at the East Side Gallery.
Höfe, Hakerscher Markt, Berlin Street Art Around the Hakerscher Markt area of Berlin I stumbled upon many Höfe, or inner courtyards like the one above. Covered in art, both painted and sculptural, and with so many interesting little shops, I loved getting wonderfully lost wandering around in this area.
Berlin Street Art

East Side Gallery Street Art Berlin
Berlin Street ArtA party in an as yet unfinished building saw us watching a fire show, drinking warm apple vodka and trying to make sure we didn’t trip over the uneven floors and exposed wires that surrounded us. As the party went on artists painted around us and to me the whole thing just seemed to epitomise the Berlin experience.

Berlin Street Art

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  1. baltimore

    Incredible and beautiful is the street art in Berlin. A wonderful post.

  2. Jackson

    This is so Rive Gauche and Banksy-esque. I remembered when I was in Berlin on business some years ago. There was an installation in downtown Berlin, on the street. An American woman was dipping her hair in vats of paints and dragging her hair over large canvases. She had been at the Guggenheim previously. “Only in Berlin,” I thought. It’s why I love the city’s street art immensely.

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