I love writing. But, that probably won’t come as any surprise to anyone to hear that a travel blogger loves writing.

I’ve always loved writing. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved it. Even when I was about 7 and I wrote a 24-page story about children living in Bangladesh after watching a particularly poignant Blue Peter appeal.

These days, I’ve moved on from scribbling childish stories on a notepad and I’m proud to be a writer as a profession. I write here on this blog, I write for clients across various different industries, I craft social media updates for myself and for clients. Pretty much everything I do is centered around words (and when I’m not writing for work I’m reading – I’ve read 36 books so far this year!).

For years travel has been the thing I’ve written about. I’ve been writing about travel on this blog since 2010 and writing for other outlets about travel since 2012. That’s eight years writing about all aspects of travel on my blog and 6 years writing about travel for various different outlets.

Of course, it was easy to begin writing about travel. It’s something I’m immensely passionate about and truly love writing about. It just made perfect sense when I began my blog that it would be about travel. It’s one of the things in my life that I have most knowledge and experience of, so writing about it comes naturally to me.

But, writing about the same topic for eight years can get a little tiresome. Sure, there are plenty of different aspects of travel I can write about. Different cultures, places, experiences, people and more.

But recently, I’ve discovered just how fun it can be to write about other subjects too – as long as that subject is interesting to me.
writing about travel

For the past 4-5 years, I’ve been writing for clients across various industries. I’ve written about packaging, branding, accounting, weddings, construction and so much more. Very few of these subjects have really lit me up though. I wasn’t really writing about them and feeling 100% interested in the subject.

Recently, I began working with a new client (who I was recommended to through a previous travel writing client) and I have loved writing for them. They’re a business development company who help organisations and the people within them achieve their full potential.

I write fortnightly articles for them and collaborate with a different one of their consultants each time. The subject is always different, but always centered around people and how they can be their very best within an organisation.

I have found writing for this client SO interesting. I actually look forward to my calls with the consultants, learning about a new topic and putting it down into an article. The research I have to do is absolutely intriguing and I enjoy the things I learn through this.

Learning more about people, growth, evolution and personal progression is incredible. I’ve learned things about myself, tips to be a better person and to progress in my business too. All while making money writing for my client. Ideal!

Personal development has always been something I’ve been interested in. I read a lot of personal development books and constantly try to grow as a person, so this subject really speaks to me.

It’s always good to be interested in the subject you’re writing about and I feel it makes my writing infinitely better if I’m engaged in the subject.

Strangely, writing about this other topic has actually made me enjoy writing about travel even more too. I enjoy coming back to writing about travel after the big change of writing about organisational and personal development.

Maybe all I needed was to spend some time not writing about travel, but instead writing about something else I’m passionate about to make me fall back in love with writing? Either way, I’m not complaining.

Are you a fellow writer who has found another subject they love writing about?