Fellow freelancers, who has ever felt freelancer guilt? What’s freelancer guilt I hear you ask? It’s that feeling where you’re at home and you’re not working but you feel guilty because you could be working. I know it’s not just me who feels it. I know there are loads of other people out there who work for themselves that must feel the same way at times.

Because I work from home in my lovely home office, a lot of the time when I’m at home and not working I feel guilty. This is especially true if I have a lot of things on my to-do list because I always feel I should be ploughing through everything instead of watching tv/relaxing with Thomas/playing with Poppy/reading etc.

Like today for instance. It’s Tuesday and we’re having friends over for a BBQ in the sunshine this evening. It’s 1:30pm and I’m beating myself up about the fact I’ve only done around 2 hours work this morning. This is despite the fact that everything is already completed and scheduled for all of my clients for the ENTIRE WEEK. Why am I even worrying myself?

Add to that the fact that Thomas has been working away for the past 2 weeks and only got back less than 24 hours ago. Why am I worried about work when I should be concentrating on spending time with my favourite person in the world?

taking time off as a freelancer

It’s almost as if I feel a type of pressure to work ‘normal’ working hours, even if that isn’t always required. I feel like I should be at my desk between 9am and 5pm like I would be in a ‘regular’ job.

But why should I feel pressured to do that when I don’t need to? Sure, some weeks are much busier than others and I definitely do work more than 9-5 at times, but on quieter weeks I shouldn’t feel under pressure to be at my desk if I don’t really need to be.

Of course there’s always more I could do and I could probably be at my desk 24/7 if I wanted to be. That’s the hard thing about being a freelancer and a blogger too.

I could always write more blog posts, I could always spend more time on my site’s SEO, I could always take on a few more clients and fill my time up more. I could literally work all the hours under the sun if I wanted to. But I don’t.

taking time off as a freelancer

I want to spend time with Thomas, my family and my friends. I want to do the things that make me happy and not feel guilty about it.

That’s why I know I need to work on being better at taking time off and not feeling bad about it. I don’t mean taking a week off for a holiday or a long weekend off, instead I mean working on not feeling guilty about working if I don’t need to be, even if it is lunchtime on a Tuesday and everyone who works a ‘normal’ job is stuck at their desk.

Perhaps I just need to remember that I *don’t* have a ‘regular’ job and instead remember that working my own hours is one of the biggest luxuries about being a self-employed freelancer.

Maybe instead of worrying about it so much I just need to embrace it more and learn to love it?

Are there any other freelancers who feel the same way? Have you felt the freelancer guilt?