Right now, as this post goes live, I’m six glorious days into my time off work. I’m currently in Bulgaria on a ski trip and (hopefully!) having an amazing time and haven’t broken any limbs yet! I wrote and scheduled this post prior to finishing work, so these are my thoughts prior to beginning my holiday time. 

Yes, taking 16 days off does sound fantastic and I truly can’t wait. I haven’t taken time off (with the exception of Christmas and New Year), since October, and that was just a few days sandwiched around a weekend.

As a freelancer and self-employed person, taking 16 days off is quite a lot. I know quite a few freelancers who barely take any time off, like, ever. That’s definitely not the life I want. For me, it’s so important to get away from work every so often. It clears my mind, keeps me sane and makes me feel more productive and happy when I do return to my home office at the end of it.

I know many freelancers and self-employed people who worry too much about letting clients down when they take holidays. But, the truth is, the business can run just fine without you for a couple of weeks. In my case, I write up articles and schedule all my social media posts for clients in advance. I do everything before I leave so that they have everything done and I can relax and enjoy myself.
taking holidays as a freelancer

This also means because I’ve completed the same amount of work in advance, I don’t suffer any drop in earnings. Perfect when I’m using those earnings to pay bills and book trips!

Just know that as a freelancer, I’m never really completely ‘on holiday’ or ‘out of office’. Not when emails are delivered to my phone and I may potentially have to deal with a crisis for a client at any time.

Plus, it’s kind of impossible to ignore emails coming into your phone, or at least I think it is. I hate seeing the little red numbers creeping higher and higher next to the ‘Mail’ app on my phone. It makes me kind of anxious. And if I read them but don’t reply and let them pile up, I worry about the time it’s going to take me to catch up when I return. This inevitably leads to me dealing with emails and enquiries whilst I’m off on holiday. 

I also have to monitor and update my own social media channels, which I do in real-time. If anyone comments, engages or asks something, I’ve got to be there to reply. 

This is definitely one of the downsides of being a self-employed freelancer. There’s nobody else there to pick up the slack, or to do things when I’m ill/off/on holiday. Everything rests on my shoulders. If something doesn’t get done today/tomorrow/this week it’ll be there waiting for me, as it needs to be done at some point.
taking holidays as a freelancer

I work hard, so I deserve this time off and it’s not something I’m going to feel guilty about. Everyone needs time off, whether they work for themselves, for a company or for multiple companies and clients.

I’m lucky and grateful that I can pick and schedule my own time off, without relying on bosses to approve it. I can literally take as much time off as I want, as long as I can do my work in advance. That’s something really rare and something I try to make the very most of.

What are your feelings on taking holidays as a freelancer? Are you a fellow freelancer who loves to take time off?