For some reason if people mention taking a solo cruise they’ll probably be pitied and looked at with sympathy, but I’ve never quite understood why.

Cruising alone, just as any other type of solo travel, allows you to do do the things that you truly want to do, without bowing to the pressures of the other people in your group. If you want to take a boat trip to Portofino, or visit the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey, or just sit on deck all day with a good book then you can do just that. You don’t have to listen to anyone else and make compromises. Selfish but fun!

SOLO CRUISE, CRUISE ALONE, SOLO HOLIDAYI’d far rather go on a cruise alone than go on holiday in a resort alone. Why? Well, cruising is one of the types of travel that usually attracts friendly, open-minded people who genuinely like meeting new people on trips.

The way I see it is that the whole ethos of cruising is geared towards meeting new people and growing friendships.

Think about it. On the majority of cruise lines (certainly ever cruise line I’ve ever sailed with) you’re asked at time of booking what table size you would like. If you’re a couple you can opt for a romantic table for two but you can just as easily get a table for 10 and enjoy the company of 8 new people at dinner during your cruise. With this type of dining table situation it’s easy to meet new people and become friends as you dine together each evening.


Visiting Ho Chi Minh City on my Silversea cruise

When I went on an amazing Silversea cruise solo for work last year I found myself making dinner reservations for one (table for one, please!) and then having to cancel them last minute as different groups of people I’d met on board invited me to dine with them instead! Everyone was so friendly and were aghast at the thought of me eating alone and absolutely insisted I join them instead. It was incredibly nice of them and whilst I wouldn’t have minded eating alone, it was lovely to be invited and accepted into a group.

There are so many activities on offer on cruise ships too that you can take part in that are bound to lead to you making new friends. Worried about going to that dance class solo? You needn’t be. There will probably be another solo person there who you can partner up with and, failing that, you might find yourself partnered with one of the fabulous dance instructors. Swoon!

The majority of cruise lines have special events and meet ups for people who are travelling alone too. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a meet up in one of the bars for you to strike up a conversation with someone and you’ll have made a new friend in no time.

Organised shore excursions are also good ways to meet new people whilst you’re out exploring new places. Chat to the people next to you on the bus or strike up a conversation with the person leading your tour. You’ll never be alone if you make an effort.


Taking a solo cruise doesn’t have to be lonely (unless you want to be alone, of course!). If you want to meet new people on your cruise then go into it with an open attitude and be prepared to strike up conversations with everyone and anyone. Of course not every single person you meet will be as friendly as you, but on the whole most people are always ready to interact with new people. Just go for it!