For the most part, I don’t really bother about other people’s travel style or what they get up to on the road. I’m a ‘live and let live’ kind of girl.

If people want to spend two weeks in an all-inclusive resort and not see any of a country then that’s fine. It isn’t what I’d personally choose to do, but who am I to say a certain travel style is right or wrong? I don’t judge other people’s travel style and wouldn’t want them to judge mine either.

There is one thing that I wish more people cared about when they’re travelling, though. Something I wish people would pay proper attention to and really think about. What am I talking about?

Protecting your skin from sun damage, that’s what I’m talking about.
sun protection when travelling

I got to thinking about this after a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago (hi, Katy!). She was talking about going for a few sunbeds before her upcoming holiday to Turkey. I commented on how bad they are for you and her reply was ‘but they stop me from burning on holiday‘.

It got me thinking about the issue of sunbathing and getting a tan. Obviously, this is a bigger issue when people are travelling to hot, sunny destinations.

Lots of people travel with the idea of ‘relaxing in the sun’ and I totally get that. But isn’t relaxing by the pool under an umbrella just as nice as doing it lying out in full sunshine? In fact, I kind of think it’s nicer in the shade because you don’t get as hot, sticky and uncomfortable!

Sure, I’ve ended up with some sunburn in the past, so I’m definitely not perfect. Back in the day when I was younger and wasn’t as aware of the damage of the sun I wasn’t as careful. These days, I do try to be as aware of the sun as possible.
sun protection when travelling

I wear SPF 50 every day, both on holiday and at home. I have pale skin, freckles and reddish hair, so I’m more susceptible to sun damage than many others. On holiday I sit under an umbrella at the pool or at the beach and don’t spend a lot of time in full sun.

I’m always so confused when I see people majorly worshipping the sun on holiday. Those people who cover themselves in oil and lie out for hours and hours. They move only to rotate their bodies to make sure every possible inch of them is evenly bronzed. Then, you see them at the end of the day, pink-tinged and darker than they were the previous day.

They’re potentially causing a lot of damage to their skin – increasing their risk of skin cancer and majorly accelerating the ageing process. And, for what? A tan? But isn’t a tan just a visual sign of sun damage to your skin?

These days, when you can get a realistic-looking tan out of a bottle I don’t know why people risk getting a proper tan. You’ll look just as good with a fake tan as you will with a real tan and there’s no damage to your skin.

Are you serious about sun protection when travelling? Or do you love getting a tan?