Spain’s relatively close proximity to Scotland and the number of cheap flights means that I’ve spent many holidays there. I’ve probably been in Spain about 25 – 30 times so far and feel very lucky for that. Spain is a country I adore. I love the people, the food (oh man, I LOVE the food), the sunshine, the relaxed pace of life and the huge variety of things to do, see and experience across the country.

Although I’ve travelled to Spain so many times and have visited many different places, there are still loads of Spanish destinations I want to visit. Here are just some of them…


spanish destinations valencia
Valencia has come on my radar big time lately and I’m dying to get to this gorgeous-looking city. My parents visited last month and had nothing but good things to report back. The Old Town of Valencia looks absolutely beautiful with some fantastic architecture. I love that there’s a beach right next door too. I’m pretty sure this will be one of the next Spanish destinations I visit!


spanish destinations
Can you believe I’ve never been to Ibiza before? I’d love to visit the side of Ibiza that is rarely spoken about. The stunning landscapes, beaches and peaceful little towns that are overlooked in favour of the hedonistic nightlife. I’ve heard Ibiza has some of the best beaches in all of Spain, so I’d love to find out for myself.


spanish destinations seville
I love admiring architecture when I travel and I’ve heard Seville has some incredible Roman and Moorish architecture. I’d love to walk through the city streets and explore it for myself. It also just looks like a really fun and chilled out city. If only there were direct flights from Glasgow!

The Alhambra

spanish destinations the alhambra
Seeing The Alhambra is a must, must, MUST for me. It’s located near Granada in Andalucia and looks absolutely breathtaking. It is a palace complex, originally constructed as a fortress, that dates all the way back to 889. It has been built on and added to by many people over the years, as well as lying empty at several points. There is distinct Moorish influence and yet it is said to have fingerprints of many other styles too. The Alhambra was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 and is Spain’s most visited monument – testament to just how amazing it is.

Are there any other Spanish destinations I should include on my list?