Scenes from a Scottish Road Trip

Any of you lovely people who are regular readers here will know I’m exceedingly, over-enthusiastically, desperately in love with my home country of Scotland. I think it’s one of the best in the entire world and always love an opportunity to explore it further as there’s just so many amazing places that I haven’t seen yet.

I recently returned from a wonderful three day road trip that saw us ambling through the west of Scotland’s countryside, past lochs, through valleys and over hills. Scotland is just so darn photogenic and I found myself wanting to stop the car every 10 minutes or so because of a beautiful view I’d seen and wanted to capture. How often do you get to say that about a country?!


Most Scottish people love a good moan about the weather. It’s usually almost constantly grey, cloudy and drizzly, especially in the west and we often are ‘treated’ to all four seasons within a couple of hours. This road trip was no exception and we had pouring rain, battering hailstones and brilliant bursts of sunshine at different points throughout.

Although we like to complain about the exceptional amounts of rain we get it actually serves to make the countryside incredibly green and lush. On a summer road trip through Scotland expect to see plenty of greenery all around.

Scotland is home to more than 600 different lochs (Loch is the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word for a lake and a sea inlet*) and a large number of them can be found on the west coast, just a few hours away from my home.



Our destination on our road trip was Portavadie Marina, just outside of  the adorable little town of Tighnabruaich. We arrived in Tighnabruaich to find the sun shining and the views over the water were spectacular. I wasn’t feeling particularly well that day but the sight of the sun bouncing off the water, the fluffy clouds rolling around and the green hills rising out of the water did a lot to lift my spirits.


Tighnabruaich sits overlooking The Kyles of Bute, a narrow sea channel which separates the northern end of the Isle of Bute from the Cowal peninsula, part of the Scottish mainland. It is in many ways a typical remote Scottish town with everyone knowing everyone else’s business (we heard all the gossip waiting in the queue at the local shop!) but it also has some surprisingly amazing street art. Who would have thought it?!



Upon checking into our Lodge room at Portavadie Marina I was struck by how perfect the view was. We had massive floor to ceiling windows and a big balcony from which to admire the scenes of Loch Fyne before us.


I think there’s something so peaceful and relaxing about being near water and I loved hearing the sounds of the birds tweeting and the ferry to Tarbert coming and going from our room. It was the kind of place that made you forget about everyday life and there was very little phone signal so you had no choice but to disconnect and live in the moment. My work is centered around always being connected and I’m constantly reading emails, tweeting and posting on Facebook and Instagram from my phone on the go so when a place forces me to step away from my phone I really am quite grateful for that.


We were also treated to a pretty spectacular sunset on our first night at Portavadie. There’s nothing better than a gorgeous sunset after a long day driving, admiring the views and singing along to some questionable-yet-amazing road trip songs!

Maybe I’m biased but I think Scotland is one of the best countries to go on a road trip. I love the diverse landscape, the lush green flora and the ever changing weather always keeps it interesting. I really want to do some more road trips around Scotland this summer so watch this space.

Have you been on a road trip in Scotland? Any recommendations of where I should go on my next one? I’d love to hear from you! 

5 Responses to Scenes from a Scottish Road Trip

  1. OS

    I’ve stayed in Tighnabruaich and you’re right, the views are just amazing!

  2. Scott

    I am the same. There is something about living or being near water.

    Great images, I am thinking a road trip back up Durness way is in order soon.

    • Emma Gray

      Thanks, Scott. Hope you get to go on that road trip soon :)

  3. Ryan

    That first picture is awesome. It looks like a less snowy Canada. Which is what my parents always say. Maybe I’m going to have to check it out north of the border after all…

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