We’ve all been there before – we’re desperate to get away but just not sure how we can afford it. If the grey skies and falling leaves of autumn are beginning to get to you and you fancy a break from the monotony of everyday life then here are my best tips on how to save money when booking fights, hotels and everything else.
Save Money When Booking Travel


I absolutely love this website and use it all the time when searching and booking flights. It’s a flight price comparison website that allows you to search different airports, different dates, different airlines and many other variables quickly and easily to find cheap flights to worldwide destinations. They also have the ability to search for flights from a certain airport to ‘everywhere’ and it brings up the cheapest places to fly to on your selected dates. I think this is probably the coolest thing ever and I absolutely love the ability to find the cheapest flights to anywhere.
Save Money When Booking Travel

Fly on a Wednesday

Research has shown that this is normally the cheapest day to fly. Simple.

How to Save Money When Booking Travel

Discount Vouchers

When you’ve picked your flights, hotels, resort transfers or anything else online simply type into Google ‘_____ discount codes/promo codes/voucher codes’. Google will then bring up a number of discount code websites that might just contain sneaky deals on your chosen product. You’ll very often find 10% discounts, and sometimes even more. An excellent way to save a few extra pounds when booking travel!
Save Money When Booking Travel


Trivago is just like Skyscanner, but for hotels. It allows you to find which websites are selling hotel rooms at the best prices, all in the one place with minimal effort required. Perfect!
Save Money When Booking Travel

Plan Ahead

Once you arrive at your destination airport you’ll find yourself needing to get from the airport to your accommodation. It’s more often than not cheaper to book your travel from the airport to your final destination in advance. Many airport bus/coach/train travel transfers offer a discount if you book your ticket online before you travel. This is an easy way to save a few extra pounds that can be spend on fun things during your trip.

So, these are my top tips on how to save money when booking travel. What are yours? I’d love to know in the comments section below.