Santa Margherita is one of my favourite cruise ports in Europe. Larger cruise ships drop anchor here and you’re transported by tender boat in this beautiful town on the Italian Riviera. From there you can easily explore jetsetters favourite Portofino, or the reputedly even more beautiful town of San Fruttuoso. Both are easily reached by ferry boats, which leave from the same harbour area that tender boats dock. The tickets are reasonably priced, with return tickets being less than 10 euros per person. There are normally 2 boats per hour, although generally more boats will be available when large ships are anchored.

From Santa Margherita, the ferry ride to Portofino takes around 10-15 minutes and it definitely showcases the stunning scenery of this area. Once in Portofino it’s a great place to explore, and somewhere I fell head over heels in love with.

Portofino, Italy

If you wish to stay and explore Santa Margherita, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a town full to the brim with charm and some lovely architecture. No two streets in the city appear to be the same, and this irregularity was one of the things I loved about it. Like in Portofino, the majority of the buildings are painted pretty pastel shades and all have their own individual quirks and intriguing features.

Santa Margherita, Italy

I love the design on these arches

The beach is very popular with visitors, and perfect if you’re visiting Santa Margherita with children, who just want to play.  Although it’s not a sandy beach, the water is shallow and usually always very calm. Perfect for splashing around in. There are also some adorable beach huts painted all different colours which line the shore.

Santa Margherita, Italy, Cruise

Gorgeous views from the tender boat

If you’re eager to find some peace and quiet in Santa Margherita, away from the tourists, then simply start walking away from the water. This leads to empty streets and allows you to find some of the more beautiful architecture in the town. There are some