Pretending to be a Princess at Glenapp Castle

Every little girl dreams of being a princess at some stage don’t they? I know I certainly did (and sometimes still do!) so, when I was given the chance to stay in Glenapp Castle in the Scottish countryside and play pretend at being a princess, I jumped at it.
Glenapp Castle Review

With only seventeen bedrooms Glenapp Castle is preciously exclusive. Driving through the gates and up the narrow road, surrounded by trees and unspoilt countryside is where the magic first hits, and it only grows as you get your first glimpse of the castle’s imposing Victorian architecture.

Each of the guest bedrooms in Glenapp Castle are individually designed and decorated; I was intrigued to see which one I’d end up in. I was escorted to the Hunter Room, and pinched myself as I was led into one of the loveliest rooms I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in.

Glenapp Castle Review

A bed fit for a princess!

I had a bed big enough for about ten people, a massive bathroom, a completely separate living room, two fireplaces and a twinkling chandelier – and this was one of the smaller rooms in the castle! It was lovingly decorated in a wonderfully traditional manner, with tartan touches and quaint features, which made pretending to be a princess even easier.

Glenapp Castle was built in 1870, which meant that it almost had the air of being inside a museum. Everything around me seemed as though it should have a sign instructing me not to touch it in order to keep it in pristine condition. For this reason, I found it hard to relax at first, but after jumping onto my bed I couldn’t help settling into life as a princess.
Glenapp Castle Review
Dinner was served in a private dining room that had been set up specially for our group. The food was deliciously indulgent, and made using as many fresh, local ingredients as possible. One of the friendly staff explained that many of the ingredients are grown in the 36 acres of land that the castle sits in; a fact which I loved, as I’m a huge fan of using the freshest most natural ingredients available.

After one of the most restful sleeps of my life in the gargantuan bed, a refreshing morning walk was in order. Glenapp Castle has it’s own little lake, a walled garden, multiple greenhouses, and is an idyllic spot for guests to relax and escape the normalities of everyday life.
Glenapp Castle Review

When I stumbled upon a frog floating in one of the ponds I wondered for a second if he’d turn into the prince to my princess if I planted a kiss on his slimy lips. Needless to say I decided against trying it out!

By the end of my trip I was understandably more than a little reluctant to leave the cosy confines of the castle and return to life as a mere commoner. My princess fairy tale was all to easy to live out in a place as beautiful as Glenapp Castle, and I was definitely a way of life I could get used to!

 My stay at Glenapp Castle was complimentary however, all opinions and whimsical dreams of being a princess are entirely my own.


8 Responses to Pretending to be a Princess at Glenapp Castle

  1. Fay

    Thank you for sharing this lovely tale! All prospective princesses welcome at Glenapp Castle.

    • Emma Gray

      Thanks, Fay. Hopefully I’ll be back soon :)

  2. Emily

    What a great experience! I’d like to pretend to be a princess, too! It looks like you enjoyed yourself. :)

    • Emma Gray

      It really was a great experience. You should definitely stay in a castle sometime if you ever get the chance. Pretending to be a princess is too much fun :)

  3. Cary

    Thank you Emma for this up-close look into something that has also always been a bit of a dream of mine! I actually love it that you wrote about it more unbiasedly! I have always wondered if it would be the dreamy experience the little girl in me thought about, or the adult who would wonder how much it would cost to heat a building with freezing cold walls! Thanks for the great share. Sharing with my other castle dreamy girls!

    • Emma Gray

      I must admit, I did think about how much it would cost to heat the place. I guess when you have a castle that’s the least of your worries though! And, it was lovely and warm whilst we were there ;)

  4. Misty Serrano

    Sorry, don’t normally write reviews but as I use tripadvisor so much I thought it only fair I do my bit. Firstly when we buzzed at the gate to tell them we had arrived and drove up the drive to see the manager and two staff waiting to open car doors take luggage and park our car we thought they must have confused us with some royalty that was due! By the time we got to our room the luggage had somehow beaten us there and had hung itself up. The menu for dinner was laid out and as I had briefly mentioned when booking that I wasn’t keen on liver mine had been amended to exclude the pate. The grounds are beautiful and, unlike one of the previous reviews, we had afternoon tea and I would very much like to know the baker that does it better, £12.50 is not a lot to pay when you consider where you are.

    As for evening dinner we recently dined at Andrew Fairlies restaurant in Gleneagles, which was a utter disappointment compared to Glenapp Castle where the food was beyond words – a true experience. Now, I’m sorry Glenapp, but being curious about a bad review you had recieved I would have to agree with one small point, the TV is a bit dated in such lovely rooms. The only negative thing I can say is our room The Kilantringan seemed to be right below the dining room and from about 5am onwards we could hear every footstep which sounded like a baby elephant but we could only forgive that as everything else was so perfect. We would definitely go again, but book a different room next time.

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