Portofino is one of my favourite places on the Italian Riviera. It’s only a few miles, or a short boat trip, from stunning Santa Margherita, where many cruise ships anchor.
Portofino Harbour
Portofino is one of the most picturesque little towns I’ve ever seen. The pretty pastel coloured buildings that line the harbour, and the small boats bobbing in the shallow waters are a photographers dream. The colours were one of my absolute favourite things about Portofino, especially against the impossibly blue summer sky.

There are some adorable shops that line the harbour and the small streets behind it, so if you’re looking to splash some cash on a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone else, this could be the perfect place to do it.
Portofino Marina
Portofino is the playground of the rich and famous, and the prices in cafes, bars and restaurants absolutely reflect this. If your ship is anchored off Santa Margherita but you still want to visit Portofino, I’d suggest perhaps eating in Santa Margherita, should you wish to have a bite to eat during your day ashore. This will save you precious money, and there are also some wonderful restaurants in Santa Margherita for you to try.

St Martin Church, Portofino

Pastel colours on St Martin Church

The streets back from the harbour in Portofino are all different, and many of them are filled with quirky, lovely boutique style shops, many of which are home to artists showcasing their works which gives Portofino a wonderfully creative, and romantic feel.
Streets of Portofino

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I had sailed away from the Italian Riviera on to my next destination that I was told there’s a place around the corner in the next bay from Portofino that is apparently even more beautiful. San Fruttuoso apparently makes Portofino  look like nothing special. So, suffice to say, San Fruttuoso has made it pretty close to the top of my ‘places to visit’ list and I’ll definitely be going there next time I’m in the area!
Portofino Colours