I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve visited Portugal. It must be upwards of about 20 times. I’m also spending a week there next month and a long weekend later in the year too. And yet I never tire of it. It is definitely one of my favourite destinations in Europe.

There are so many things I love about this great country…

Beaches galore 

portugal beach
Portugal’s beaches are absolutely stunning. Across the country, there are long, white sandy beaches, small coves, rocky stretches of coastline and everything in between.  

The country is surrounded by around 600 miles of coast, most of which is beaches. This means there is no shortage of beaches to choose from, whether you’re looking for a tiny bay or a wide beach that stretches for miles.
portugal beach

Value for money

Portugal is one of the most affordable places in continental Europe so you’ll find your money goes much further here. Eating out is relatively inexpensive, great accommodation is much cheaper than the equivalent in other countries and everything is just kinder on your purse or wallet. Ideal! 


lisbon, portugal
Lisbon is an absolutely amazing city. It’s position on the edge of the Atlantic, with the city rising into the hills makes it wonderfully picturesque. The sight of the terracotta roofs of the city rising up away from the water always makes me smile, especially against a bright blue sky backdrop.

The wooden trams that rumble through the city afford it a timeless feel. The baroque architecture and small streets that open up to wide, ornate squares are perfect for exploration with no particular destination in mind.
lisbon, portugal

The Algarve 

The Algarve can be found in the south of the country and is known for its Mediterranean beaches, fishing towns and golf courses. Within this region there are bustling towns and resorts filled with tourists, as well as quieter spots to relax in. I love visiting places like Lagos, Vilamoura and Albufeira – all perfect for a chilled out, sunshine break.
lagos portugal


Portugal is one of the sunniest, mildest destinations in Europe. Lisbon actually enjoys more hours of sunshine per year than any other capital on the continent and temperatures rarely fall much below 10 degrees Celsuis. Who doesn’t want a bit of warmth and sunshine when they travel?

The food 

Portugal’s great food is something that not everyone knows about, but is absolutely delicious. Fresh seafood straight from the waters can be found across the country and it wouldn’t be fair to leave without sampling some pastel de natas. These are exquisite custard tarts that are baked fresh daily. You won’t want to have just one!

Have you been to Portugal before?