There’s a lot to be said for travelling to places during their off season. It can mean fewer crowds, shorter lines at attractions and a more authentic experience. It’s also much friendlier on your bank account too, with prices usually being considerably lower in many destinations during less popular times.

Many places have an entirely different vibe out of season. You’ll save cash, you won’t have to battle with thousands of other tourists, you’ll wait in less queues and you’ll probably have just as good a time as you would in high season. What’s not to love?

Here are 5 places I’d love to visit off season…


places to visit off season
Each of the many times I’ve been to Venice it has always been during summer. Summer is Venice’s busiest time and millions of visitors descend on the city during this period. This makes it crazy busy, crowded and a tad chaotic at times.

There are people everywhere in summer. There are massive tour groups winding through St Marks Square and ginormous queues at all the best spots. Whilst Venice is still gorgeous, it is a little off putting to be surrounded by such madness.

Every picture I’ve seen of Venice off season looks absolutely beautiful. Whether it’s lightly dusted by snow or shrouded in mist from the surrounding water, it looks wonderfully romantic. Venice is a city that is beguiling, charming and captivating and I’d love to experience it at a different time of year.

St Petersburg 

places to visit off season
On my one and only visit to Russia’s St Petersburg it was the height of summer and temperatures were in the high twenties. I even got a suntan!

I fell in love with the architecture of St Petersburg and still count it as one of my favourite cities for that very reason. But when I think of Russia, I usually think of snow and freezing temperatures and I’d love to experience it like that.

I want to walk around admiring the architecture whilst bundled up against the biting cold. I’d love to see how the city looks in the darkness, so removed from the White Nights of summer. I have a feeling it would be even more beautiful than it is basking in sunshine.


places to visit off season
Spoiler alert – I’ve already visited Iceland off season and it was the most magical place ever. I’d love to go back to Iceland in winter and experience it all over again.

High season in Iceland is considered to be the summer. Everyone wants to visit when it’s warmer, drier and the amazing Midnight Sun makes an appearance.

My visit to Iceland was in the dead of winter and I couldn’t have loved it more. The snowy landscape was beyond beautiful and totally worth almost freezing to death for. It was like living in a real life winter wonderland.

Because we visited in winter we were able to take part in some wonderfully wintery activities, like quad biking on the snowy hills above Reykjavic and exploring caves carved out by ice. So much fun!

Plus, winter is the absolute best time to see the elusive Northern Lights in Iceland. What could be more fabulous than that?

The Canary Islands

places to visit off season
The most popular time to visit The Canary Islands is undoubtedly in the heat of the summer. Their position next to Africa means they’re blessed with some pretty fantastic weather, with plenty of warmth in summer but also mild winter temperatures.

I’d quite like to visit in winter to see just how mild it really is. I’ve heard of people in The Canaries spending Christmas Day on the beach and this totally appeals to me.

There’s something wickedly delicious about the thought of being away in the sunshine whilst everyone back home in The UK is freezing. Sorry, not sorry.


places to visit off season
I visited Rome when I was a teenager in spring and all my other visits have been in the searing heat of summer. Spring was definitely the best visit of them all!

Summer can be unbearably, oppressively hot in Rome thanks to the sun and all of the heat from the traffic that whizzes through the city. As such, it makes sightseeing rather uncomfortable. And sightseeing is basically the best part of being in Rome. There’s just SO much to see that you’ll find you spend loads of your time walking around, discovering new things and seeing all the major sights.

Exploring Rome in spring was infinitely better than in summer. The temperatures were mild and pleasant (t-shirt and light jacket type of weather for this Scottish gal!), which made walking miles and miles around the city rather lovely.

Rome also gets extremely busy during the summer, so visiting off season when it’s quieter is so much nicer. Fewer people, more space and more time to do exactly what you want. Ideal.

Do you have any great places to visit off season to add to the list?