Exploring England's Lake District

I've always kind of wondered why everyone waits for the summer to arrive in the UK and then immediately leaves to go on holiday, meaning they miss all the best weather? Surely when the Read more

My Favourite Places (So Far)

When I meet new people and answer the inevitable 'so what is it you do?' question with the reply that I'm a travel blogger and writer, one of the next questions they ask is Read more

Why I Love Travelling with my Dog

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"  Anatole France I've always been an animal lover and my dog, Ben, is definitely my best buddy. I plagued the life out of Read more

Why I Love Flying

I absolutely adore flying and everything about it. Few things make me happier than knowing I'm getting on a plane to a new place. I love the feeling of travel, of movement, and everything Read more

Travel Inspired Decor

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Things to do in a New Destination

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The Weird and Wonderful Witchery Hotel

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Have you ever stayed at a hotel that was so weird and so wonderful all at the same time? Nope? Well I hadn’t either until I stepped off a quiet street in Edinburgh’s Old Town, in the shadow of the ancient castle, and checked into The Witchery Hotel.

Entering The Witchery is a little like stepping back in time. We were led out of the close and up a winding staircase to our suite for the night. The friendly porter told us that our suite, the ‘Inner Sanctum’, was the very first suite that opened in the hotel and led us in through a giant wooden door and as we stepped through it we were transported back in time.


We found ourselves in a tartan lined entrance room. Tartan walls, tartan carpets, tartan everything. There was certainly no mistaking that we were in Scotland’s capital city. A giant chandelier hung from the high ceiling and dominated the room.

Following the porter we were led into the the main room of most incredible suite I’ve ever seen. Read more

Best Gifts for Travellers

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Maybe you’ve got a travel addict like me in your family or friend circles and you’re searching for the perfect gift for them, or maybe you just want a travel related gift for yourself. Either way here’s my guide to some of the best gifts for travellers…

Map Watch


I found this adorable map watch thanks to lovely fashion and beauty blogger Victoria. It’s a total bargain at only £1.77 including delivery (!!) and is perfect for those dreaming of far away lands. The fact it’s cheap is perfect too as it means it’s perfect for everyday wear and if you lose it whilst travelling you can easily replace it. I’ve already ordered one in black! Read more

Festivals Around the World I Want to Visit

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There are so many incredible festivals around the world that it would be impossible to ever visit them all but there are some that appeal to me more than others.

Here are the festivals around the world that I most want to visit… Read more

Where To Go in 2014? My Travel Wishlist

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It’s the beginning of a brand new year and that means it’s time for some brand new travel adventures…yippee! 2013 disappeared *far* too quickly and saw me visiting fourteen different countries and countless cities and towns around the world. It’s so cliche, but I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!
I have only a handful of travels planned so far for 2014, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming of far flung lands and constantly thinking of where I can go next. Here’s where I’m going and want to go to in 2014… Read more

My 2013 Travel Adventures

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2013 has been a pretty big travel year for me. I’ve visited fourteen different countries including six brand new ones taking my total number of countries to 33. Not bad!

I began the year watching fireworks light up the sky over Edinburgh Castle surrounded by other lovely travel bloggers. We were at the beginning of a whirlwind trip around Scotland seeing all that my beloved country has to offer. Everyone adored their time in Scotland and I was like a proud mother hen showing off the best parts of my country to everyone. Shockingly for Scotland the weather even behaved and we had warm temperatures, no snow and very little rain. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Sailing Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore with Silversea

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I’ve just returned from a fabulous cruise with Silversea, a luxury cruise company, in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. As many of you will know I also have a cruise blog, Emma On Board, and I’ll be sharing a full and detailed report of the entire cruise on there soon but here I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos from my trip.

The trip began with me flying to Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated places in the entire world. This was the incredible view of the city from my Verandah Suite on board Silver Shadow.