Exploring England's Lake District

I've always kind of wondered why everyone waits for the summer to arrive in the UK and then immediately leaves to go on holiday, meaning they miss all the best weather? Surely when the Read more

My Favourite Places (So Far)

When I meet new people and answer the inevitable 'so what is it you do?' question with the reply that I'm a travel blogger and writer, one of the next questions they ask is Read more

Why I Love Travelling with my Dog

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"  Anatole France I've always been an animal lover and my dog, Ben, is definitely my best buddy. I plagued the life out of Read more

Why I Love Flying

I absolutely adore flying and everything about it. Few things make me happier than knowing I'm getting on a plane to a new place. I love the feeling of travel, of movement, and everything Read more

Travel Inspired Decor

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Things to do in a New Destination

I absolutely adore the mixture of feelings of freedom, mystery, intrigue and expectation that inevitably come tumbling upon me when arriving in a new place. Somewhere you've never visited before can hold such promise and Read more

My Favourite Places in Scotland

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Chances are if you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I’m very passionate about my beautiful home country of Scotland. I’ve lived here all of my 23 years and despite leaving often to travel to other corners of the globe I always love returning.

Scotland has a hold over me but I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. Perhaps it’s the friendly people, some of the friendliest in the world; perhaps it’s the raw, natural beauty; perhaps it’s the fact we have some exciting, vibrant cities and also have so much untouched, empty land outwith them. I don’t know exactly, but I know that wherever I go I’ll always love coming home to Scotland.
I’ve travelled quite a bit through this beautiful country (although not nearly as much as I’d like but that’s a plan for another day!) and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite places in ScotlandRead more

My Favourite Things About India

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Before I travelled to India everyone said it was a country that you either love or hate, but I think I left feeling somewhere quite in the middle. There were elements of India that enchanted and inspired me, but equally there were other parts that frustrated and overwhelmed me. It’s a dizzying place that I will never forget and it has undoubtedly left a huge impression on me.


Chilling in my favourite place in India – Shimla

There were many things about India that I really didn’t like and perhaps those are things for a future post, but here I wanted to share my favourite things about India with you… Read more

Doors Around The World

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Doors. They’re everywhere. They’re functioning, useful and there’s definitely more doors than people in every single place you visit. That doesn’t mean that they have to be drab and utilitarian though!

I love nothing more than a bright colour pop door, a rustic wooden door with the paint peeling and the wood crumbling slightly and don’t even get me started on big heavy door knockers. Love them!

I’ve discovered some truly beautiful doors around the world on my travels so lets take a look at some of my favourites…


Tips To Stay Healthy While Travelling

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Travel can be amazing, exhilarating, enlightening and eye-opening but at times it can also be stressful, frustrating, exhausting and nerve-wracking. Travel sure can take it’s toll on your emotions, not to mention on your health.

I’m quite lucky that I very rarely get sick, and almost never on the road (although I bet now I’ve said that I’ll get sick !). I travelled through India for 2 weeks without falling foul to a bout of the dreaded Delhi Belly and I put it down to a strong immune system and making smart choices and taking precautions while I’m away from home and all that is familiar and safe. So, here are a few of my favourite tips on how to stay healthy while travelling the world. Read more

That Time I Almost Missed My Flight

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“YES we made it” I shrieked as we ran towards the crew who were still gathering tickets and letting the last passengers head down the steps towards the plane. I was sweaty, out of breath and felt like my heart was going to pound right out of my chest with the panic of potentially missing my flight.


Photo from Flickr

But how had I got here? I’m the girl who likes to be early for everything, especially flights. I even become irrationally flustered if I know I’m going to end up 5 minutes late for a lunch date with a friend. Read more

Why You Should Visit Scotland in 2014

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Any regular readers here will know I’m a very passionate Scot. I adore my home country and I’m always encouraging people to visit (I’ve been told I should work for the tourism board more than a handful of times!). 2014 is a MASSIVE year for Scotland – it’s the year of the Homecoming and we’re also hosting The Ryder Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the MTV Awards. Phew!

If all that isn’t enough reason to Visit Scotland in 2014 then here’s a few more…

Natural Beauty

Scotland is brimming with raw, natural beauty and is often described as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Drive up to the Highlands and discover the land where the clans lived and worked, venture out to the islands and check out the wildlife, discover some of Scotland’s lochs (there are around 31,000 lochs and lochans) and enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility that this country offers.

VISIT SCOTLAND IN 2014 NATURAL BEAUTY Natural beauty on the Isle of Skye Read more