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Places to Visit in 2015

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Fit for Kings: Travelling Down the Nile and Red Sea

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A cruise down the Nile and along the Red Sea coast is an adventure that you should embark upon at least once in your lifetime. The Nile is acknowledged as the longest river in the world and on this voyage you can explore ancient cities as well as take some time out to laze around on beautiful beaches.

In contact with history


You’re going on a journey of kings when you board the liner on Red Sea cruises, and it’s a journey not to be missed. You can encounter cities such as Luxor, which provides you with easy access to famous locations such as the Valley of the Kings and the ancient city of Thebes. If you travel a little further, there’s scope to make the immense rock temples of Abu Simbel part of your journey; these temples were carved from the face of a mountain over 3,000 years ago. This is definitely a trip for culture vultures. Every day brings a new point of interest.

The Red Sea coast

Many people will choose a multi-destination Nile and Red Sea cruise, giving themselves the best of both worlds — old and new. The Red Sea coast features vacation destinations such as the beach resorts of Soma Bay and Sharm el Sheikh. Call in at these locations and you can venture into the waters for wreck and reef diving or take a camel ride in the Sinai Desert. You may even set out on an overnight journey to the summit of Mount Sinai to witness the sunrise, which you should make the most of if you have the opportunity. Of course, you can always laze around on the beaches too — the weather isn’t likely to spoil this relaxation.


Combining accommodation

The best way to take in the whole cruise experience is to overnight on board the ship, but some will combine their journey with hotels. This allows them to spend time sailing the Nile and then sleep on dry land. This option gives you time to cram in some more activities and extra excursions such as trips to Cairo to see the pyramids and even a visit to the historic city of Alexandria.

The bonus of a cruise vacation is of course that you need simply relax while you follow the sun to your next port of call. Many people dream of visiting this part of the world and a cruise holiday will help you to experience more of this northeast African beauty spot.

Images by annemarieangelo and alljengi, used under Creative Commons licence.

What NOT To Do When Visiting India

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I’ve already written lots about things you should know before visiting India, what you should wear in India and my thoughts on the country since my trip there last year. It’s a colourful, crazy, incredible country that is so different from anywhere else that I’ve ever visited.

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Italy

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Italy is one of my absolute favourite countries in the world. Whenever I think of Italy I think of the delicious food, beautiful scenery, incredible history, stylish Italian people, laid-back lifestyle and of course all the fantastic places that I’ve been lucky enough to explore around the fabulous boot-shaped country.

Here’s my absolute favourites so far…



What’s in my bag when I travel?

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I get a lot of people asking just what exactly is always in my bag when I travel. There are quite a few things I can’t leave home without whether my trip is long or short and I think, after visiting 35 countries in 24 years, I’ve finally mastered the art of packing.

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How to Pick the Right Accommodation for Your Trip

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You know that familiar scenario – you’ve booked every other detail of your trip except the accommodation, because every time you go to look it seems like there are way too many options? Yup, we’ve all been there.

I’ve stayed in all different kinds of accommodation on my travels through 35 different countries, such as stately homes, hostels, castles, luxury lodges, five star hotels, beachfront cottages, quirky apartments and everything else in between.


A room in a castle is definitely the right kind of room for me!

Just how exactly do you make sure you pick the right accommodation for your trip? Here’s some questions to ask yourself before you book anything…

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10 Reasons to Love the South of France

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The South of France, also known as the Côte d’Azur or French Riviera, is one of my absolute favourite regions in the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled there many, many times and for me there are SO many reasons to love this stunning area. 

I’ve had a serious think about it and come up with my best 10 reasons to love the South of France…