Exploring England's Lake District

I've always kind of wondered why everyone waits for the summer to arrive in the UK and then immediately leaves to go on holiday, meaning they miss all the best weather? Surely when the Read more

My Favourite Places (So Far)

When I meet new people and answer the inevitable 'so what is it you do?' question with the reply that I'm a travel blogger and writer, one of the next questions they ask is Read more

Why I Love Travelling with my Dog

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"  Anatole France I've always been an animal lover and my dog, Ben, is definitely my best buddy. I plagued the life out of Read more

Why I Love Flying

I absolutely adore flying and everything about it. Few things make me happier than knowing I'm getting on a plane to a new place. I love the feeling of travel, of movement, and everything Read more

Travel Inspired Decor

I absolutely love beautiful home decor and having just recently redecorated my bedroom and home office (where I bring you guys lots of blogging loveliness from!) I've been busy scouring the internet for travel Read more

Things to do in a New Destination

I absolutely adore the mixture of feelings of freedom, mystery, intrigue and expectation that inevitably come tumbling upon me when arriving in a new place. Somewhere you've never visited before can hold such promise and Read more

Thoughts on India and a Traditional Indian Curry Recipe

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When I visited India last year I have to admit I left the country with incredibly mixed feelings about it. There is no doubt that it is a beautiful, natural country with many amazing things to do and see, which sadly I could only touch upon during my two week trip. I’ve written before about my favourite things about India and I stand by everything on that list. The colours, the animals, the food, the architecture and the landscape are all things I adored about India.
I was however, perplexed by the chaos of it all. The disparity between rich and poor is both shocking and alarming yet I find it hard to see how anything will be done about this anytime soon. The amount of slums, filled with little ramshackle structures barely the size of a two man tent, that I saw was something I’ll never forget. I won’t be able to get pictures of children begging on the streets, people defecating on train tracks and people sleeping rough on the busy city streets out of my mind anytime soon.

Before my trip I heard many people say that there’s no place like India and by the time my journey was over I really knew what they meant. Read more

My Favourite Special Places to Stay in Scotland

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I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some beautiful places in my beloved home country of Scotland. I’ve enjoyed stays in luxury hotels, fabulous mansion houses, adorable cottages and sleek, modern apartments and I’ve decided to put together a list of my absolute favourite special places to stay in Scotland to share with you all. If you’re looking for somewhere fabulous to stay to make your trip to Scotland really special, then you’ve come to the right place!

Glenapp Castle

I felt like an absolute princess when I stayed in the breathtaking Baronial style Glenapp Castle last year. This Relais and Châteaux Castle Hotel has just seventeen bedrooms, each individually decorated and with some seriously luxe touches.

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Scenes from St Petersburg, Russia

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As a travel blogger and writer one of the questions I’m always asked by people is “what is your favourite place that you’ve visited?” and each time I can’t answer it. Asking me to pick one favourite place in the 35 countries and countless cities I’ve visited is like asking a parent to pick which of their children is their favourite.


Usually when I’m asked the question I offer up a handful of places that I’ve visited and loved but one which always passes my lips is St Petersburg in Russia.

It’s a place I’ve only visited once but absolutely fell head over heels in love with. I’d return in a heartbeat to explore more of the city and learn more about the fascinating history that exists here. Read more

Taking Part in the Race for Life

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Yesterday I took part in an extremely important event – the Race for Life 2014 in Glasgow. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it before then it’s a women-only 5 kilometre run, jog, walk or whatever you want to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

My Top Things to do in Summer

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I LOVE summer. Who doesn’t love summer actually? Those long, sunny days and light, mild evenings are the stuff of dreams. Everything feels better, easier and more fun and I have loads of things I want to do this summer to make it even more memorable.

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Idyllic North Berwick, Scotland

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One of my favourite places in Scotland is, without a doubt, North Berwick, an adorable seaside town on the east coast. It’s a small town that feels incredibly peaceful and is blessed with absolutely stunning beaches that don’t really look like they belong in Scotland.

It’s the type of place that you can go to for a weekend and feel like you’ve been gone for weeks. It’s got a proper small town feel to it – the people are warm and friendly and you can walk absolutely everywhere. The pubs are quaint and unassuming and the main street is lined with adorable shops and cafes. Read more