Relaxing in the Blue Lagoon Iceland

One of Iceland's most famous attractions is the relaxing, steamy waters of the Blue Lagoon and I sure as heck wasn't planning to miss an opportunity to get some pamper time during my trip! The Read more

Iceland's Golden Circle

One of the things I knew I just had to do whilst in Iceland was to tour the Golden Circle.  Why I hear you ask? Well, because I've been dreaming of Iceland for years now Read more

Discovering Dumfries and Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway is a region located in Scotland's western southern uplands and one I had the pleasure of discovering recently. Despite living less than two hours away from Galloway and Dumfries it is Read more

Quad Biking on the Hills Above Reykjavic, Iceland

I LOVE a little taste of adventure when I'm travelling and Iceland is certainly a destination where you can get adventurous with all those hills to climb, volcanic caves to explore (I'll be sharing Read more

Spring Has Sprung in Scotland

Spring is FINALLY here! Yay! I hate the dark nights, the biting wind and the never-ending rain, sleet and snow showers that go hand in hand with winter. I've been dreaming of the long days, Read more

What to Pack For A Trip To Iceland

The northerly position of Iceland means that it is cool all year round and temperatures peak at 13 degrees celsius in summer and drop to an average of -3 in winter (although the lowest Read more

Tips To Stay Healthy While Travelling

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Travel can be amazing, exhilarating, enlightening and eye-opening but at times it can also be stressful, frustrating, exhausting and nerve-wracking. Travel sure can take it’s toll on your emotions, not to mention on your health.

I’m quite lucky that I very rarely get sick, and almost never on the road (although I bet now I’ve said that I’ll get sick !). I travelled through India for 2 weeks without falling foul to a bout of the dreaded Delhi Belly and I put it down to a strong immune system and making smart choices and taking precautions while I’m away from home and all that is familiar and safe. So, here are a few of my favourite tips on how to stay healthy while travelling the world. Read more

That Time I Almost Missed My Flight

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“YES we made it” I shrieked as we ran towards the crew who were still gathering tickets and letting the last passengers head down the steps towards the plane. I was sweaty, out of breath and felt like my heart was going to pound right out of my chest with the panic of potentially missing my flight.


Photo from Flickr

But how had I got here? I’m the girl who likes to be early for everything, especially flights. I even become irrationally flustered if I know I’m going to end up 5 minutes late for a lunch date with a friend. Read more

Why You Should Visit Scotland in 2014

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Any regular readers here will know I’m a very passionate Scot. I adore my home country and I’m always encouraging people to visit (I’ve been told I should work for the tourism board more than a handful of times!). 2014 is a MASSIVE year for Scotland – it’s the year of the Homecoming and we’re also hosting The Ryder Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the MTV Awards. Phew!

If all that isn’t enough reason to Visit Scotland in 2014 then here’s a few more…

Natural Beauty

Scotland is brimming with raw, natural beauty and is often described as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Drive up to the Highlands and discover the land where the clans lived and worked, venture out to the islands and check out the wildlife, discover some of Scotland’s lochs (there are around 31,000 lochs and lochans) and enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility that this country offers.

VISIT SCOTLAND IN 2014 NATURAL BEAUTY Natural beauty on the Isle of Skye Read more

The Weird and Wonderful Witchery Hotel

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Have you ever stayed at a hotel that was so weird and so wonderful all at the same time? Nope? Well I hadn’t either until I stepped off a quiet street in Edinburgh’s Old Town, in the shadow of the ancient castle, and checked into The Witchery Hotel.

Entering The Witchery is a little like stepping back in time. We were led out of the close and up a winding staircase to our suite for the night. The friendly porter told us that our suite, the ‘Inner Sanctum’, was the very first suite that opened in the hotel and led us in through a giant wooden door and as we stepped through it we were transported back in time.


We found ourselves in a tartan lined entrance room. Tartan walls, tartan carpets, tartan everything. There was certainly no mistaking that we were in Scotland’s capital city. A giant chandelier hung from the high ceiling and dominated the room.

Following the porter we were led into the the main room of most incredible suite I’ve ever seen. Read more

Best Gifts for Travellers

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Maybe you’ve got a travel addict like me in your family or friend circles and you’re searching for the perfect gift for them, or maybe you just want a travel related gift for yourself. Either way here’s my guide to some of the best gifts for travellers…

Map Watch


I found this adorable map watch thanks to lovely fashion and beauty blogger Victoria. It’s a total bargain at only £1.77 including delivery (!!) and is perfect for those dreaming of far away lands. The fact it’s cheap is perfect too as it means it’s perfect for everyday wear and if you lose it whilst travelling you can easily replace it. I’ve already ordered one in black! Read more

Festivals Around the World I Want to Visit

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There are so many incredible festivals around the world that it would be impossible to ever visit them all but there are some that appeal to me more than others.

Here are the festivals around the world that I most want to visit… Read more