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I know it's already the end of January (how the heck did that happen so quickly?) but I'm still reviewing 2014 and planning things for this year. Here's a look back at Emma's Travel Read more

15 Things to do in Bruges

1. Lizzie's Waffels If you're going to Belgium then of course you want to try some authentic Belgian waffels. In the name of research I tried lots of different waffels in Bruges but none Read more

Magical Melville Castle

January is traditionally the most depressing month of the year, so when I was invited to stay in a beautiful, 18th century castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh I literally jumped at the chance. Just Read more

Bruges In Pictures

Bruges (or Brugge in Flemish) is one of the most idyllic, fairytale-esque cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. I've just returned from a magical four days exploring the city and fell head Read more

20 Things to Do in Edinburgh

1. National Museum of Scotland  I visited the National Museum of Scotland for the first time earlier this year and absolutely loved it. It's full to the brim with fascinating exhibits on subjects ranging from Read more

10 Things I Believe About Travel

Travel is many things to many people. For me, travel is amazing, inspiring, educative and wonderful. I believe there are so many benefits to travelling the world and I think it's something everyone should Read more

2015 Dream Travels

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I spend a ridiculously large amount of time searching for flights, hotels and holidays online and often I end up looking at places that are WAY out of my budget. There’s just something wonderfully wistful (but also slightly depressing) about thinking of all the places you’d go if money were no object.

I think if I ever was lucky enough to win the lottery I’d buy a lovely house in Scotland, give some money to family, friends and charity and then use the rest to travel. Travel really is that important to me!

Here’s where I’d go and where I’d stay in 2015 if I was lucky enough to win the lottery… Read more

Sunny Places I’d Rather Be Right Now

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It’s that time of year where it’s cold, dark, dreary and (because it’s Scotland) always raining. I know I should be more into the festive spirit but the depressing weather is seriously making me yearn for sunshine! If that makes me a Grinch then so be it, at least I’ll be a Grinch somewhere warm and sunny!


So, although it’s less than a week until Christmas, here’s some of the sunny places I’d rather be right now…  Read more

Places to Visit in 2015

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I don’t know about you guys but I’ve finished my Christmas shopping and have now moved onto the really exciting stuff – deciding where I want to travel to during 2015.

I absolutely love travel planning and can literally spend hours searching for flights, looking at hotels, apartments, lodges, cottages and glamping spots and just generally dreaming of all the places I’ll go.

Here’s some places I think deserve your consideration as potential places to travel to during 2015…  Read more

What’s in my Hand Luggage When I Travel?

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I often get emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking what’s in my hand luggage when I travel, so today I thought I’d give you all a little peek inside.

I’m actually quite a low-maintenance traveller and try to travel with hand luggage only, unless a hold bag is included with the airline. It saves me paying extra and that means I’ve got more money to spend on doing fabulous things in the place I’m travelling to. If I’m travelling with hand luggage only then my bag and contents usually look a little something like this…

…and you can read more about what goes into my hand luggage only trips here.

However, if I am travelling with a piece of hold baggage and the majority of my belongings are safely packed in there, then there are usually surprisingly few items in the handbag I actually take with me on the plane. Here’s what I usually stash in my handbag… Read more

Best Places I’ve Stayed in 2014

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Through my job as a travel writer and blogger I get to stay in some pretty amazing places. In the last few years I’ve stayed in a few different castles (just call me Princess Emma!), luxury hotels, 6 star cruise ships, cosy lodges, modern cottages, city apartments and many more.
This year I’ve decided to take a look back at the many different places I’ve stayed during 2014 and share which ones were my favourites and why. These aren’t necessarily the fanciest, most expensive or the most luxurious places I’ve stayed in during 2014 because those aren’t my biggest driving factors, although it is undoubtedly a perk of the job! The places I’ve chosen are included for all sorts of reasons -perfect locations, the food in their restaurant or the service delivered by the staff. These are simply the places that I’ve enjoyed the most.  Read more

2015 Goals

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I’m not really one for making new year’s resolutions and that’s not what I’m going to call the things I’m about to list here. I’m describing them as ‘goals’ rather than resolutions. Why? Well, usually setting new years resolutions means forgetting all about them after a few months and going back to the way things were before. In short, it usually sets up for failure.

To me, ‘goals’ seem like a more long-term plan and something to work towards, rather than setting up for failure with new years resolutions. That’s my logic anyway and I’m sticking to it!

2015 goals

I think it’s important to constantly be striving to improve as a person. It’s healthy to learn new skills, improve old skills, fulfill aspirations, take positive steps towards dreams and goals and becoming a better, more rounded person as a result of it all.

Here’s what I’m working towards doing more (or less) of in 2015… Read more