A Guide to Scottish Slang

One of the things I love about being Scottish (and there are many) is that us Scots have our own little Scottish words, phrases, slang and accents. I know from travelling a lot that Read more

Why You Should Visit Scotland in Autumn

Autumn is such a perfect season. I love the yellow, orange and red leaves as they transform from green through the colour spectrum. I love the piles of leaves sweeping around as they're caught Read more

My Favourite Travel Beauty Products

As a travel blogger and writer, travel is an enormous part of my life and I spend a lot of time on the road away from home. In the last year or so I've Read more

How to Alleviate Wanderlust Without Travelling

This past weekend has been a little bit of a disappointment. I was supposed to be exploring a new city for me, Madrid, yet I ended up staying at home. Why? Well, I was meant Read more

A Perfect Few Days in Venice

Venice is a place that I absolutely adore, no matter how filled with tourists it is, and I've written here before about my unwavering love for the city. So, when my partner, Thomas, and I Read more

Amsterdam Again

I've visited Amsterdam before, back when I was just 14 years old on a long weekend with my parents and I remember having a really great time, so when I had a long layover Read more

Where I’m Heading Next: 6 Countries in June!

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I’m very excited to announce my latest travel adventures in this post that will keep me busy for the whole of June!
Plane, Travel June

I’ll be visiting six different countries in June – Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Malta and France. Read more

Exploring Your Surroundings : Making the Most of Being at Home

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We are all guilty of overlooking the gems that are on our own doorsteps at times. Sometimes the best experiences can be right under our noses but we don’t discover them because we’re too busy getting on with our everyday lives. I’m definitely the type of girl who gets itchy feet if I’m at home for a long period of time (for me that’s about two weeks), so I like to get out and about when I’m at home in Scotland and discover as many new places as I can.

making the most of being at home

Exploring some pretty parts of Scotland during some time at home

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Street Food Cartel Glasgow

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Walking along the industrial street which was peppered with street art we weren’t quite sure what we were letting ourselves in for. It was an unusual venue for dinner to say the least. But then this wasn’t your typical candle-lit restaurant meal we were going to.

Street Food Cartel Glasgow

Spotting the sign which confirmed we were indeed in the right place was slightly reassuring. As we followed the direction of the sign’s arrow we came to an unmarked door. The only thing to give away that this was the right place was the sounds of funky soul music flitting through the walls. Read more

One Year as a Full Time Travel Blogger and Writer

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As I write this from my bedroom office it’s a year to the day I put down my pen at the end of my last exam of my university career. A month and a half, a trip to Australia, and several exam passes later I graduated from The University of Glasgow with an honours degree in English Literature. 

That also means I’ve been a full time travel blogger and writer for a year!
Portofino, full time travel blogger

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Where to Stay in Brighton, Vine Street Studios

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I’ve written previously about my penchant for finding an amazing apartment or house instead of a hotel in certain destinations, and sometimes that can be as tough as searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack. In Brighton though, we really cracked it and found what I would, without hesitation, refer to as the coolest apartment in Brighton – Vine Street Studios.
Vine Street Studios, Brighton

This old warehouse has been converted into a chic, New-York-loft-style apartment that simply exudes cool. It’s decorated in a modern, minimalist fashion, with exposed wires, beams and touches of metal all around. Read more

Brighton Street Art

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Colourful, quirky, mysterious, creative, friendly, bright, eclectic. These are just a few words which immediately spring to mind when attempting to describe the city of Brighton, on England’s southern coastline.
Brighton Pier, Brighton Street Art

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