There are places I visit when I travel that I fall head over heels in love with. Places that I wander around feeling blissfully happy and am reluctant to leave. Destinations that I dream of when I’m home and spend a high amount of time searching flight prices so I can plan a return trip.

Then, there are places I visit that just don’t seem to resonate with me as much. Places that I don’t connect with and just don’t seem to love. Cities that I’m not sad about leaving and don’t feel a particular need to return to.

More often than not, there’s no real reason for this when it happens. It’s just a feeling that I get.

I guess it’s kind of the same as meeting new people and connecting with some and not with others. With some people, there’s a spark and with others, there isn’t. Sometimes there’s no particular rhyme or reason for it, it’s just the funny way us humans work.

So, here are the places that I haven’t felt a particular spark with and that I probably won’t be returning to…


overrated destinations, dublin

I expected to absolutely love Dublin. I’d heard so many good things about the city from friends, other travel bloggers and read a tonne of things online about how wonderful it is. I caught the bus from the airport into the city with seriously high expectations about my time there.

But, my high expectations were let down. There wasn’t anything bad about the city and nothing I particularly disliked. I didn’t have any bad experiences there or anything. In fact, I had a really amazing time, but that was down to the company I was with more than anything.


overrated destinations, london

This one isn’t strictly true because I know I’ll return to London at some point or another, but it’s not somewhere I’d ever go out of my way to book a trip to. It’s not somewhere I’d ever think of going for a mini-break or long weekend.

I’ve visited London plenty times but just never really been a fan of the city. I find it a little too big and busy and a little too unfriendly and cold for my liking.

Again, I’ve never had a bad experience in London and there’s no stand-out reason for my ambivalent feelings about the city. It’s just the way I feel and I haven’t been able to change that during numerous trips to the city.


overrated destinations, australia great ocean road

I went to Australia in 2011 expecting to fall madly in love with the country. I spoke to so many people before my trip who said I’d adore it and I wouldn’t want to come home. The plane journey(s) over there were filled with me wondering how I could move my life and my dog over to Australia when I inevitably didn’t want to leave.

But, I needn’t have worried as I didn’t fall for Australia at all. It’s a beautiful country with some great places and friendly people, but it just didn’t click with me.

During my three weeks in Australia I visited Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. I had an incredible time driving the Great Ocean Road, attending an Aussie Rules footy match, exploring the streets of Sydney and seeing kangaroos in the wild.

The experiences I had were amazing and I have great memories of my time there, but I don’t find myself pining to return. I probably will at some stage in my life as my fiancé Thomas has never been and would like to go, but it isn’t anywhere near the top of my list of places to visit or return to.


overrated destinations, oslo norway

Oslo is another place that I didn’t find myself falling for. Granted, I was only there for one day and it rained ALL day, but it wasn’t somewhere I found myself captivated by.

As I was only in Oslo for one day, I tried to do and see as much as I could whilst I was there. I visited The Royal Palace, The Opera House, Frogner Park, the waterside area where the Maritime Museum is and much more. Maybe I tried to fit too much into my time there? Who knows.

Are there any destinations you’ve visited that you don’t really feel the need to rush back to?